Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Alvinisms 598


-The headline of a newspaper on Sept. 12, 2001

Did you know: I almost enlisted in the Marines or Army the day of Sept 11th 2001.

Thought of the day: I remember it perfectly. Woke up in the living room of Grace (my girlfriend at the time) and Jenny's apartment to Grace shaking and telling me to turn on the TV. Not sure why, but I do and while thumbing through channels, I check my text messages to see a bunch of them telling me to turn to the news. That's when it hit me. Replays of airplanes crashing into the World Trade Center and then them falling.

I sat there shocked for a few minutes while anger and sadness ran through my veins. The walk to school was awkward w/ my imagination of planes smashing themselves into the business or communications building. My first and only class was in the comm building and we tried to resume normally but halfway through the teacher gave up and we shared our thoughts and feelings.

After dismissal the whole school was canceled but the football games weren't. So I played our football game against one of the frats and the weirdest thing happened. Somewhere into the game, someone yells, "GET DOWN!!!" Scared shitless I hit the grass and looked around. Then I saw it, a cloud of darkness came in our directions, and the buzz grew louder. It was bees, a whole giant swarm of them, thick enough to create a shadow, massive enough to cover a football field.

After that I said to myself, "fuck this" and I went home and just mulled over what my next move was. Looking back in retrospect, what would've been of Alvinism if I was military man? No dancing, probably no degree, no Japan, no teaching. On the other hand I might have been highly promoted, well decorated, uber ripped, well travelled, and whatever else. Its funny how one event can change your life; and that they happen almost everyday.

Every year on this day I kinda reflect on how blessed I am to be alive, have wonder friends and family, count my blessings, and just overall appreciate life no matter how shitty it may become. God bless.

Food picture of the day:

Wild ahi tuna seasoned with sesame oil, lime zest, jalapeno (seeded and deveined), chives, red onion, fleur de sel, sriracha, lime juice, sesame seed oil, and salt. Looks healthy and delicious.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

I miss the neighborhoods of Fullerton because they seem so perfect. Like the ones you see kids playing football in the streets of.

Lem and I used to be roommates. When I first moved in lets just say my giant walk in closest was full plants, lights, and other things I don't know.

Carmella aka La danced w/ my first year on TM. Still beautiful.

AJ and Mama Em and Mama Rhea always take good care of Alvinism. Thank you!

Chris is the man w/ a million nicknames like: Topher, Topio, Top 10, Chriz, Co Cap, etc. And you all know my four foot of funk friend, Kellie Anne.

Bubs!!! I went up for Tawny's baby shower. I can't believe we went from games of spin the bottle to baby showers. I guess those games do pay off! Hahaha!

Mama Michelle once made me cry when fixing my broken ankle. Anne Marie aka Chans and I still party like its college! Woohooo! Once a year right!!!

Ryan's shirt said, "I'm gonna be the daddy". Proud of you broskee.

101 boyz: James and Mark aka The Bboy Show and Chachee. James, you don't know what you're doing dude!

Marsy Pans and EJ have matching smiles. Thank you for the phone Mars, you are the best!

The cheese stands alone. But w/ beer.

Jam and Stacy, next ones to throw a baby shower!?! Eh!!!

This is my big brotha Dre, he can be intimidating but he's uber cool and friendly. I never did join Theta but you all treated me like a brother. Likewise man.

See you on Call of Duty Dru!!!

Carol was my hot mama while up there. Man it was like a reunion of some of the friends I made in college. Lots more people, not enough time to take pictures w/ all of them. Thank you to all my college pals who made my experience memorable. COLLEGE LIFE!!!

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