Friday, August 29, 2008

Alvinisms 589

"Don't spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door."

-Dr. Laura Schlessinger

Did you know: The starfish is one of the only animals who can turn it's stomach inside-out.

Thought of the day: Food picture of the day is picked and narrated by Frees aka Althea aka The Lovely Labia. Hahahaha!

I love my coworkers. These pictures are from when they invited me to eat dinner at Shogun w/ them. It was fun fun fun. But the madness didn't stop there. We went to hit up Pure Platinum for more drinks of all places. I was w/ 4 girls mind you, and then more boobies around me and booze makes Alvinism a happy boy!

Being able to say I love my jobs and my coworkers is something I've very proud of because I'd hate to come home grumpy from work or not want to ever feel unsure about going there because of others. Maybe I'm blessed

After getting home a chillin, Jen and James end up coming over so we can chill poolside as well as Fatch. But that's where the adventure takes a drastic turn when he gets pulled over by a cop in front my house! Dizzang! Count our blessings buddy.

Food picture of the day:

On the left is a slice of "MAA cake" and on the right is a sample of, what is really named, "Ghetto Mocha" that frees likes to call "mushroom tip smash." (apparently that name applies to various things according to frees). i love sweetie sweets! -lovely labia.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Tuesday was wild. It started w/ a going to the school, picking up jeans in Miramar, hitting up Fatch in Mira Mesa, and then a quick surf session w/ Vince.

Chito is the man at Shogun. Who else gets to drink on the job?

One of my favorite foods in the whole world are Pizza Rolls. This is the Pizza Roll sushi roll. Its yums.

A good work environment carries farther than just the workplace.

Juli the first one was supposed to be smiles and the second was goofy! Ha!

Chau was nice enough to snap one w/ me.

Yeah, we didn't go in here cuz they don't sell alcohol. So we hit up PURE PLATINUM!!! Long stories, no pictures. Guess you'll have to use your imagination of me, a bunch of girls, and lots of booze. Mwahahaha!

When I thought the night was over, I get a call.

Here comes Jen and James w/ some more booze.

The water was a lil cold.


Before I get the call from Fatch-O.

What the!?! Hahaha!

This is the gangbang. Chach and TK know wassup. J/K.

Look all that melted cheesy goodness!

Here's the rundown of the day: school, surf, Shogun, strippers, pool, police, and a whole lot of booze. The best way to end a long day is w/ the cheesiest spam, eggs, and rice. Nuff said.

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