Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Alvinisms 587

"If my hands are fully occupied in holding on to something, I can neither give nor receive."

-Dorothee Solle

Did you know: The runner who came from Marathon to Athens and died on the spot yelled "Nike!" before fell dead. It meant "Victory."

Thought of the day: I really like the quote of the day. There has been a lot going on this week off. Its been a wild one so far my friends. Sunday I plan on being 12.5 and gonna rock out w/ my cock out.

Food picture of the day:
Walnut bread w/ harissa flavored cheddar smoked gouda, pimenton-stuffed olives and a pinch of za’atar. Grilled in goat butter and speared it with a whole pimenton-stuffed olive. I don't know what it all means but it sure beats my cheap wheat bread, Kraft American cheese, and blue bonnet butter. But where's the tomato soup!?! (I bet Fatch, Frees, Mario and Clara like the new food section).

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

What a way to end my week off of work...

With more partying and then the picnic/sports day.

These are all pictures from Team Millennia's Summer Intensive 5. This is Christine, she was there ever since I first made the team. Love you Smiley! (I'm pretty much gonna say I love you to all these pictures w/ my good friends because I do, and if ya'll are reading this, thank you for showing it in return.)

CJ Edwards is doing big things in Hollywood w/ dancing. But I call him Surge. Did you know him and I were on the bring of throwing punches and hating each other. But you find out who your friends are in controversy. We're great friends. Love you Surge!

You guys all know Kellie aka Belle. How come the first thing she said to me when she saw me was, "You're dark!" Dang ma, I go to the beach a lot! Ha! Love yah Kel Bel!

Jed rode w/ me on his first year of TM on the way to dance camp. Good job keeping the "Morning Dance" alive. Love you Jedriel! Ha, that's not even your real name but I like calling you it anyway!

Jay Bueno and Jed make terrible gangsters.

Ray Benitez aka Razor is real 101. He's the director of Funkanometry, has danced w/ Kaba, TM, Formality, Urban FX, and is just and amazing dancer/director. Secret projects! Love you Razor!

I got to know Gina aka Ginacide through Mavyn. She's sweet in every way. Good luck in the Bay mamaz! Loves!

Maricel aka Mars has been there since the beginning of my college life and has seen all my ups and downs. Nutwood!!! Jed, why are you creeping. I can't hate, I'd do the same thing. Love you Mars. See you on the 6th!

Piaa aka P aka cheese buddy has a special place in my heart cuz she loves cheese as much as I do. All day, everyday. Love you Cheezy Beezy

When I was Captain of TM Juniors, there was this ghetto dark kid. Now he's killing it w/ TM and you can call him Brandon or as I call him, B. Love you man, keep a good head on your shoulders and take care of TM.

Roland aka JR is one of my heroes, mentors, friends, and just someone I look up to. Thank you for showing me the ropes of the dance world and for the wild nights at Don's or John's. Like when I was doing cartwheels down the street or climbing rooftops. Love you Jer! Thanks!

This is the man. Danny aka Danny Dans. He's the founder and director of Team Millennia and once I used to live in his house. You've given me so many opportunities to grow and mature as dancer and person. Now here I am on the brink of starting again and I owe it all you and your encouraging words. Love you Dans. Fuck the Raiders!

Marnita is the most humble and sweet person you'll ever meet. Nuff said. Love you Mars, I'm glad we had that talk on stage. I'm proud to be your Captain, friend, and inspiration.

The Alumni are the best. We don't really practice everyday but we know how to perform. They even let me have a cameo that night too! Being on stage is fun! Being on stage randomly is better!

This is Emily. I call a lot of people ma or mama. But she's really like my Mama. Loves you Em!

Rosanne aka Ro has grown a lot. She finally understood what I was saying when it was my last year on TM and now here she is in the same place. Its funny how time flies when you're having fun right? I'll see you Sunday Mami! Loves!

You might recognize Monica from being a youtube beast and from Missy Elliot videos. Well, she's been on TM Juniors forever and now she's all grown up. You're so sweet ma, its always a pleasure to come and visit to see you. Labs yous!

Alexis aka Pinto started an all female group called Sheroes. Here is her, Kristine aka Wobz aka Kleng, and Gina about to perform. You've come a long way Pinto.

You wanna meet a wild boy? Phong is it. He's funny, crazy, down, ridiculously innocent, and one of my coolest friends. You wanna go to TM dance camp and cause a ruckus w/ some of us!?! Yeah boy! Love you Mr. Flexible.

This is the best view in the house.

We take blocking very serious....NOT! Hahaha! TK came through too and we partied the night away.

How do we dance!!!!!???!!!! LOOSE! LOOSE! LOOSE! TK wasn't even tall enough to get all the people in the picture.

Chachee what are you saying!?!

Tawny aka Tawny Bubbles aka Bubs is pregnant!!! See you on the 6th! We've come such a long way mama. Its been over 7 years and we've come from "spin the bottle" at Nutwood to your baby shower. Growing up is not bad. Growing up w/ good friends and good people makes is good. I love you Bubs.

The America's Best Dance Crew performers minus Jeff aka Joppru. Hope you had fun in Poland w/ Ashley Tisdale man! Proud!!!
Here we are going to buy some Jack and Coke. The party never stops w/ TM and Mavyn!
Kaylie and Kellie. Awwww mama. Literally! She's cute!

Dance legends and my heroes. Ray and John or Razor and Mr. Mahal.

101 4 life. We're missing some of the real OGs. If we got a picture of everyone that's an honorary member (people the frequent would random show up at our pad) we'd have enough to start a new team. And we'd be sick! I love 101!!! College was one of the best times of my life.


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