Sunday, August 17, 2008

Alvinisms 580

"History doesn't just teach us. It clears a path."

-Stephen A. Smith (SportsCenter Journalist)

Did you know: I get week off my work next week! LA, Burbank, The Bay?, fishing, surfing, biking, and a whole lot of "as the wind blows".

Thought of the day: I had an EXTREME weekend. First of all I needed a chill night off from a weird week so Friday night Kimtan and I just chilled and went fishing off the Oceanside Pier. Defs good times.

Saturday was the shit!!! The pictures are gonna come but lets just say we caught 5 things: waves, shrimp, crabs, fish, and a shark! Swear! It was so big it broke off my line. Good times w/ Brian.

Sunday was the shit too!!! Pics to come again. First I just woke up to play a game of Madden, went to church w/ my mom, my nieces came over and we play a whole lot of "MONNNSTER!!!", and then Brian and I biked up to the top of Black Mountain (yup the big one w/ the tower on top) and bombed it all the way down. Doing again next Sunday if you're down.

Random thought of the day: Apple Jacks are the shit!

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

My dad loves the Wildboyz! Ha!

Bonfires, waves, and fishing make this an awesome place to chill on a weekend. Who wants to plan something?

Umm, yeah the mackerel was still frozen.

This is a long ass pier w/ a Ruby's at the end. Who wants to have lunch or dinner here some time?

I had some beer and fishing poles. I got hella munchies so I bought Cheetohs, a big pickle, ranch Corn Nuts, and nacho cheese Corn Nuts. Fatty McFat!

Kimtan macked on fruit snacks and chile picante Corn Nuts. Hmm, a lil bit of sweet a lil bit of spice.


We caught nothing but that's not the only reason I love fishing. But the people behind us picked up stingray.

Doesn't it look like it's smiling at you?

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