Friday, August 15, 2008

Alvinisms 579

"The way we see the problem is the problem."

-Stephan Covey

Did you know: In the year 2000, Pope John Paul II was named an "Honorary Harlem Globetrotter

Thought of the day: Some things are just a lost art. For example the art of the hand written letter. Who ever gets those in the mail anymore. The last one I got was from my Grandma over 3 years ago before she passed away. She was responding to a letter I wrote to her because I felt this exact same feeling. I'm so glad I did because she passed just a few months after.

Checking the mail is now a scary thing because all you get is bills, junk, and if you're lucky something you ordered from the internet. I feel like when you receive a handwritten letter its like 20x better than an email, text message, or phone call. It takes some time to write it out, some thought to put in, some wait for a response, and some more sincerity. Holding that piece of paper means you're sharing the same piece of paper as the sender and reading the actual words they put down w/ their pen. You know they spent the time to think about you and go that extra mile to make it special.

We have such short attention spans these days and we discard things so fast that even genuine emails, texts, or calls are thrown out once Family Guy or something comes on TV. No one probably even read this far but fuck it. I feel good that I wrote it.

Real talk, if you send me your address and I'll write you nice letter about the memories we've shared or the laughs we've had. Then tell me if it feels better than reading it in a blog or chatting for 10 minutes on iChat. Serious. First letter I'm gonna write is another letter to my Grandma and have them put it on her tomb. Thanks Nanay. 143.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Chris, George, and Fatch had to leave early morning to got to work at the Shop. Thanks for stopping by Vegas!

While some of us went skydiving, Fredo and Harold went to our pool to find it packed. I spy a topless girl w/ a shocked face!
I've posted about 50 pics of the same people so breaking the monotony is important. This is cool.
Check out the Skydiving Skittles! Ron aka Blueberry, Jomo aka Apple, Alvinism aka Grape, and TK aka Banana.
You can't see but TK's foot is in my butt.
When we got back we hit up the Stussy Las Vegas store.
The place is cleanly designed and the stuff is not expensive!
Undefeated Las Vegas was an A+ because the people were super nice. I appreciate a store w/ quality service. Like Willys. *Sneak a compliment
We were starving so we ate at the closest place. Ron's steak was serious!
I love NY steak, eggs w/ cheese, and potatoes. Las Vegas heaven.
And lets continue drinking.
Toes sleeps like a mummy. Even his legs are crossed!
Not sure if this is Saturday night or Sunday night but who is that guy on the top left!?! Look at Fredo, he's like "WTF!?!"
Striped shirt and bald crew.
Sexy mamas.
If all these glasses were full of champagne, thats about how much champagne I drank at Mandalay. *Sorry for the belligerence.
I had so much fun this weekend till I ruined everyone's on Sunday. Still feel ashamed. Hopefully we can all laugh about it later.
TK packed soooo much stuff!!!
Weird pose #2. Harold the Model.
The last meal before we left was Red Robin. Wanna know why I look so astonished?
Cuz Fredo was telling me all the dumbass things I was doing on Sunday when I was blacked out. FUUUUUUCCCKKKKKK!!!!!
All is forgiven. We took jello shots and bought another yard for the road as well as stocked up on some Captain Morgan and Crown. Damn, we didn't stop till Barstow.
One last Fshhhhcccckkkkkk!!!
Thanks for the awesome randomness.
Oh my XBOX 360 of the future!

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