Monday, August 11, 2008

Alvinisms 576


-Myself on Saturday at Moon

Did you know: Genghis Khan killed his brother for stealing a horse.

Thought of the day: Nothing will beat the 2006 Wildboyz Las Vegas trip. That being said, this trip was truly the randomest and by far, the most belligerent and messy for me. 'Nuff said, I didn't take a lot of pictures so the ones you'll see will be courtesy of TK of the Wildboyz and Harold of Fshhhckkkkkk Crew.

Tuesday I took the day off to friggin detox my body and take care of some biz. But the highlight of the day was going to the grand opening of Jenny's sister's shop called "The Grubbery". I started the day w/ a bagel at It's a Grind w/ Cile aka DP and some Acai stuff (supposed to clean your body) and then we met up Kimtan to visit the much anticipated Grubbery. There was no disappointment in the food. Luckily I work down the street so when I can, I get a chance to, so good grub is on the way. Congratulations

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Before I left for Vegas I got a nice surprise at my doorstep. It has to do w/ the Spike Jonze movie coming out next year.

Booyah!!! My Lakia Telford "Where The Wild Things Are" editions came it. Sugoi!

This book was just awesome. Now a skateboard director who's made it big is making the movie. Plus Wild + Boyz =

Details down to the laces.

Let the drunk road trip begin!!! Alfredo aka Fredo, Haroldo aka Lava Foot, and Alvinism hit the road. Harold turn the fuckin AC on! I'm sweating already!

Rockstars and Southern Comfort make you do things.

Ah yes, finally here. Hmm, its seems like I packed more electronics than clothes. There's even more in my backpack! More pics to come. Enjoy The Grubbery for now! I DID!

Thank you Cile for hooking me up and for always knowing exactly what I want or in this case what I need.

Ahhh!!! I'm outnumbered by Viets!

It wouldn't be a Ly business without some of the best donuts on the West Coast.

They have art up on the walls that you can purchase too.

Not too bad for my favorite one.

40 degrees Cile. Tilt it like this.

This is Kimtan's Spicy Roast Beef Panini - Roast Beef, Cheddar Jalapenos, Red Onions, & Cummin Mayo.

This is my Chicken Cordon Bleu Panini - Grilled Chicken, Ham, Swiss Cheese & Alfredo Sauce.

Geez, Cile couldn't wait to eat so she started w/out. Thanks! Hahaha! This is her Grilled Chicken Pesto Panini - Grilled Chicken, Mozzarella Cheese, Roasted Red Peppers & Pesto Basil Spread. (I super dupur uber highly recommend this one!)

Congratulations to Breanna or Chan and her hubby Rich! So happy for guys and we're all happy to support the business. One thing about the WBZ and WGZ is if one does something, we all try to support. If one is grieving we all feel the pain. Today was something really big for Jenny and her family. This is who came out to the grand opening of "The Grubbery": Josephine, Alvin, Kimtan, Cecile, Jenny (of course), Christopher, Rhoda, Vanessa, Ellen, Abby, and Suzette. What a great start!

Alvaro's can rule the night, but this place is the spot during the day.

Afterwards, Cile and I went to Target to buy Madden 09, but I didn't know they made tiny socks that look like they'd fit a turtle or something!

Oh my they fit on her! Geez DP, you must have baby feet.

Adam is one of the Shop Rats. Shop Rats aren't bad kids, they just hang around a lot for long amounts of time. He hung around Vince and I for 1.5 hours while waiting for his mom to pick him up. Keep a good head on your shoulder kid. Word.

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