Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Alvinisms 577

"The man who goes farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare. The sure-thing boat never gets far from shore."

-Dale Carnegie

Did you know: The first play ever from the Chargers was a 105 yard kick off return in their first preseason game. (Madden is full of facts)

Thought of the day: Too much to do right now, too much to learn, when I'm finally done w/ my Montessori training, a million little things come up. Sheeesh!!! This year is Egypt. Next year, I'm thinking about moving to the Philippines. Lets just see where the wind blows the next 365 days shall we?

I love getting paid to go to the beach!!! Field trip!

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

The drinking started in Mira Mesa and didn't stop till on our way back in Barstow.

Harold of the Fshhhckkkkkk Crew.

Alvinisms of the Fshhhckkkkkk Crew.

Alfredo of the Fshhhckkkkkk Crew.

Pit stop for some baseball and bottle breaking.

The dirtiest underwear.

Gotcha Harold!

The road trip is half the fun.

Smashing things is always fun.

We could've been there like an hour earlier but we enjoyed everything because "Life is Fun".

That's a useful spare tire.

Harold aka Lava Foot doing his pug impersonation.

Oh my rain on the way to Vegas!?!

Bring on the randomest weekend in Vegas ever!

Rude wake up call.

Finally we get to the Flamingo, and while waiting for TK we chilled in the pool.


Pretty nice place. There's also a topless pool behind the waterfall and closer to the hotel.

Drink it in son.

I do not like Foster Beer. Neither do Australians. My ex-roomie and Aussie Nick told me so.

Alotta bow chicka bow wow has to go on in here.



Harold is on the Filipino Gymnastics team. Now you know why they aren't in the Olympics.

TK looks like he's possessed by the exorcist and is just floating.

No comment.

I was very drunk before our first night out so I had to give up a few ounces to keep going.

Harold the Filipino Crime Dogg.

Hella tired. Not sure if I'm sleeping or passed out. But I did wake up!

The boyz of Urban FX.

Hi Rae Rae!

More of the Fshhhckkkkkk Crew.

I told you I woke up. Then I started doing sprints in the room.

And Fredo and I were modeling against the window.

First night out crew. Here we go!

Hello Revolution Lounge. I liked this place a lot cuz it wasn't the mondo jumbo club where you get lost while drunk and lose your ride, friends, and mind.

No comment...again.

Thanks Kimtan for the Washington Apples.

Everyone love Michelle!

Little Miss Bui was there too. More pics to come. All the pictures are from Harold, so if you're bored of seeing the same people you can IM him at "LavaFoot". J/K, that's not his SN. But yeah, hopefully TK will have his Flickr up so you can see the rest of San Diego.

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