Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Alvinisms 568

"Aww man, this thing is getting bigger."

-one of my students while in the bathroom

Did you know: I got 65 "ha's" and 6 "LOL's" in text messages in

Thought of the day: Even when one plan falls through there is always something there to pick up the slack. So even I'm not busy, I'm still fuckin busy. Good thing it's summer time and school is easy cuz all these plans and events would be killing me if it were the regular school year.

2 things that make me happier than fat kids on Thanksgiving:
-Vince is back home! (what day are we boarding homie!?!)
-Leo is coming back to the West Coast! (Bimonthly Yay Area trips!)

Edwin is a luck mofo, he got to hang out w/ Randy Johnson today at Blends for like 30 mins. WTF!?! That's the guy who threw the perfect game. That's the guy who made a bird disappear in the middle of a game!

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Performance time! I loved performing so much and I'm seriously considering getting back into it. That's James and I sharing the center of JLO's "Get Right" routine. Yipeee!!!! Not bad for us to only have 4 rehearsals.

The first wedding dance. So nice that ya'll aren't freakin like your normal selves.

Clara throwing up a WBZ sign.

Here's the Mesquite Grill Buffet Menu:
1) Petite Filet Mignon Steaks
2) Ahi Tuna Steaks
3) Baby Lamb Chops
4) Lemon something.

Sushi & Tempura Station
1) Spicy Tuna and California Rolls
2) Wok Fried Vegetable Tempura

1) Tossed Petit Field Greens w/ Shallot Vinaigrette
2) Toasted Israeli Couscous Salad
3) Smoked Muscovy Duck & Fingerling Potato Salad
4) Flash Seared Shrimp Salpicon Salad

1) Chilled Jumbo Shrimp
2) Snow Crab Claws on Ice
3) Sauteed Scallops
4) Steamed Clams
5) European & Traditional Cocktail Sauces

Fresh Bread w/ Sweet Cream Butter
Garlic Mashed Potatoes & Seasoned Vegetables
Wedding Cake
Coffee & Tea Service


Frees favorite though was the tiny Tabasco sauce.

Mario loves to clean cut bling.

You know you're at a dancer's wedding when the giveaways are something that the dancers will use. Instead of like a candle or glass, they gave away sweat towels w/ an "N" stitched it. I love it! Great idea, prolly half ya'll might think its silly but Imma use mine for years! We used them as rally towels throughout the day and night.

Special lighting for the occasion.

I thought the place was sweet during the day. But just before night the place was filled w/ awesome light.

Jam and I always break the rules. Thanks for always putting up w/ our shnanagans! We were supposed to wear only white but we repped the WBZ shirts and red and blue shoes. We didn't even plan it! That's broskee love for yah. No homo again.

Frees wanted a picture w/ the performer! I'm sweaty ma!

Love you Chans! Matt how'd you make that face?

These girlies are fun times. We all seriously like lived together for a couple years. Good times.

Kellie and I went skipping through the party finding the bride and groom. Here she is w/ the bride.

Here's me w/ Clara. You're squeezing me tight! Loves!

Hahaha! This guy! Mario was that tough tall guy in Wade's crew in You Got Served. But he's really a silly billy.

WTF!?! I'm not Clara sucka! Damn! Did you get a handful! Ha! Totally homo!

"We can freak it. Freak like you want to."

Matt is funny from Alvin Benavidez on Vimeo.
Matt is a funny guy. That's not his hat, he likes to get buck, and he's really drunk. Ha!

Stacy and Freezers actually take good pictures.


James and I made out. No homo even though it's totally homo but not cuz we're not. So its not homo even if it sounds like it. Especially since I called "no homo". There.

Isla and I had an interesting conversation.

Finally Mario, geez!!!

The manliest hug ever. I had the best time in Santa Barbara. Thank you Mario and Clara. Thank you Frees. Thank you friends. Love you all!

Here's the video again if you missed it in the beginning. That's me and James sharing the center of JLO's "Get Right" routine! Fun times!!!


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