Monday, July 28, 2008

Alvinisms 567

"You can't change history, but you can change your perspective on it."

-Me when Josie and I were talking about some stuff.

Did you know: I'm good about paying off my bills. Then I go off on spending sprees. My new one just started w/ a new $235 flash for my camera and a diffuser. Next up a new lens, which one...the fun is starting.

Thought of the day: This weekend was the best weekend of the year. Complete w/ dancing, friends from all over and all time, new experiences, reexperiencing old ones, quality time w/ friends, sleep, and there's nothing else that I could ask for. Thank you to everyone who made this weekend excellent. Here are half of my pictures from Mario and Clara's wedding in Santa Barbara. Second half coming soon.

I spent a little more time captioning the pictures because I went down memory lane w/ them. So if you could spend a little more time appreciating what I wrote about my friends and even just a quick read through the captions, I'd appreciate it. Thank you.

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-Alvinism of the Wildboyz and 101

Ready, set, go! Everything bagels w/ cream cheese is a great way to start anythig.

Cabrillo St. in Santa Barbara, the wedding was on the other side of the beach. So beautiful!

Nice water and even better weather made for the perfect day for a wedding. Hella traffic up, nada back down.

Frees like all kinds of trees. "Hey ma, wanna smoke pot!?!" Hahahaha!

Nothing goes better after a road trip like some beer. I dunno about beer from a Hoe's Garden. So we just stuck to Red Stripe.

Didn't have time to step outside right into the pool though.

Jason helping me out from Alvin Benavidez on Vimeo.
Umm, getting ready was a little harder than I thought. It's not what you think! Hahaha! Jason was helping me cut the thread to my new pants. Thanks buds. Jason used to dance for Kaba Modern and was the popping machine even before Ben of the Jabbawockeez was on the team. Who remember the "Mike Tyson" routine. Damn sick.

Frees and I hate dressing up.

James and Stacy seem to be happy w/ it though. Sorry uber matchy match.

We were a lil bit late.

What is Trevor aka T. Diddy and Mizuki aka Zooks looking at?

It's the bride Clara! Mama, I mems the first time I met you like 6 years ago, you told me some crazy stories!!! Mwahahaaaa!!!

The vows. Check out the view. Hey Mario, quit crying geeeez!!! Ha! Biggest and tallest guy I know to cry so much.

I love this photo. It's nothing shmancy to it, but they way you guys reacted when I popped out made me feel special on your special day. I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Thank you guys and enjoy all 5 babies right! I want dibs on Godfather!

Supermodels. No really, they're both tall, skinny and good-looking. Yes even you T. No homo. I danced w/ Mizzy for 4 years? Hella memories. Do you remember some of our car rides to performances! Oh shit! Ha! T joined the team when I was Captain and then became Captain the next year. You did a wonderful job and I'm proud of you broskee.

Val and Jamin got my vote for steezy begeezy! Never danced w/ Val but we still treat each other like old friends. Thanks for showing me the change right before the performance! Geez! Jam originally didn't make TM, but after some more consideration, Danny and I called him the next day. You were so happy Jamin, but TM, Mavyn, Val, and all of us were the lucky ones to dance w/ you.

Droo is my buds. Literally we are Buds cuz we were Mavynite buddies and stayed friends throughout time. I used to have a crush on Aileen aka Ai; what can I say she's beautiful! I'm coming to the bay to visit the bar! BTW, they're opening a bar duh!

These are some of the Mavynites (I coined this term) and friends. Would it really matter if I named everyone? Nope, just look at them now cuz we're all usually in sweats and t-shirts 2 sizes up. You might recognize some folks from dancing TV shows like The Pussycat Dolls, Step It Up and Dance, America's Best Dance Crew, and all over youtube.

Freezers and John aka Mister Mahal. Hahaha! You're my big bro broskee! Thanks for getting me off the roof that one night. Ha!

Dude, Melissa used to dance for Team Millennia Juniors when I was Captain of the Juniors team. Now she's grown up! Take care of Jeff for me.

Jen and I call each other "Patnah" cuz we were partners in the one dance where I had to freak her a little and she's like 4 inches taller than me. Love you mah! Come visit me w/ Glur anytime. And that's JP aka Jips, he's a dance legend. I think you still have my white trucker hat.

3/5 of the 101 crew. Alvinism aka Alvin, Razor aka Ray, The Bboy Show aka James. We're missing LeoPorts aka Leo and Chachee aka Mark. 4 life. 101 is our apartment crew that was passed down for years. For years people would randomly show up, break in, crash, pass out, drink, eat, chill, throw up, have sex, do drugs, anytime and anywhere in our place. It was a college experience I'll never forget, and I can't forget; even if I tried.

Migz is so nice. We had a heart to heart once just about friends and how we don't tell friends that they mean so much to us and that they are just well...our friends. So our nickname for each other is just "friend". Simple but always nice to hear it from you Miguel. Love you Friend.

Brie cheese w/ bread and crackers w/ sugar crusted nuts. And a free crown in coke in the background makes for the best appetizers.

3 open bars and view of the ocean and venue makes for one hell of a wedding.

Drawback to outdoor weddings. Birds! WTF!?! Why did it happen to me of all times!!!

I guess I'm lucky it didn't hit my shirt.

Jen and Jeremy still cut up the floor for Mavyn. Jeremy and I used to dance for Chill Factor to along w/ James, Chach, Leo, and Jay Chris.

We can kinda take a nice serious photo. Of course we have to show we enjoy our alcohol in the midst of it too.

Kel, Frees, and Chans also known as Kellie, Althea, and Anne. Love these women.

Geez Baby Chans! You don't have to do that for Kel and I, now it just looks funny! Ha!

Carlos aka Los used to come over to 101 even before I was on Mavyn cuz him and Ray dance on Funkanometry. That's how we became buddies in the first place. Thanks for taking care of me bro.

Frees and Los used to dance on 220 in San Deezy. Dang those were the days man. Leo was up here, there weren't 1,000 dance teams, Body Rock was Bust-A-Groove, yada yada yada.

220 would help throw a competition called Fusion where they'd do a silly piece. One year it was the ocho ocho! Ha! Oooo!!! Imma bring that to watch one of these days.

Honorary 101 roomie #2 is Jeff aka Joppru, he's dating Melissa. We never went to that skatepark in Chino or Chino Hills man! I'm down if you are still. Just don't try anymore backflips.

Mike Bailey may not have good hearing but he has a good heart. That's more important.

Anthony and his frat bros always tried to get me into their frat and I never did but they took in like a brother anyway. I appreciate ya'll for that.

Since I didn't want to carry my poopie jacket, Frees and I walked back to the hotel real quick to drop it off.

After 3 or 4 crown and cokes though. Ha! Find the nearest umbrella!

At each table there was a number and fact about Mario and/or Clara. We were table 20. Click on the picture to enlarge it to read the fact.

Geez! How do they spell my name wrong and Freezer's name right!?! Bah! Well, that's all for the wedding and appetizers, pictures of the reception and party to come later! Hope ya'll enjoyed this as much as I did!

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