Sunday, July 27, 2008

Alvinisms 566



Did you know: Theresa and I joined a wine club on Sunday? I'm no wino but it's good to learn and appreciate different things. Kim you're my date huh!?!

Thought of the day: Damn, get 40 of your closest friends, rent the biggest and newest party bus you can find, and go get drunk w/ them around shmancy people for laughs.. Sunday was a funday and this whole weekend was the best weekend of the year. Pictures of Josie's bday to come later.

I was going w/ the idea of posting why San Deezy is America's "Finest City" but I have so many pictures to post and things to do that I'll continue later when life settles down. Right now it's in fast forward and I don't know how to slow down. Hope my liver, arteries, and wallet can handle it. See you in LA and Vegas my friends!

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz and 101

Before I get into anything, I just gotta say that I'm so happy to have finished my Montessori Head Teacher Training Program. This honestly is like graduating college all over again except maybe a lil better cuz it's actually something where I know where I'm heading.

After a crazy ass weekend, month, etc it's hard to believe that the fun isn't over.

Shit, who says its over. You make life fun.

This is gonna be another heck of a weekend.

Sprigle and I from Hoey will be in Vegas as well as some Mavynites!!! WTF!!?!

First we gotta go up to LA this weekend to celebrate the grand opening of AVNT/GRDE. Grats Iggy!

I've found my new meal at the MM Workshop. The teriyake steak bowl actually does the trick in filling me up. Chipotle is good but doesn't fill me and L & L's makes me feel like all my insides wanna slip out my butt.

I wanna spend a good amount of time on the Mario/Clara wedding photos and Josie's bday so I'll start w/ what happened Saturday night. We went to...

Er and I lost in beer pong at the Wave House. You tell me, are we losers or are we winners cuz I spy two guys w/ some free Newcastles! Play smart son!

I spy Alfredo wanting to join.

Hi Mish! It's always good to see you! I'm drank!

Each of you Hahas have tell a different story. I don't know what Josie is doing.

Same thing here! Hahaha! I mems you didn't want me to take this but I caught you! Mwahahaha!

I spy fillings. Ha!

Two times the Fatch and the headless Kimtan.

Chris says, "FOCK THESE DRINKS ARE EXPENSIVE!' George replies, "I can't hear you cuz I'm mesmerized by your glowing shirt."

There's a meeting in the ladies room.

Rhods, Jen, Holly, Rubi, Crisanne, and Josie. These girls were cutting up the dance floor!!! And taking all the candies! SHARING IS CARING LADIES!

Neighbors and best buds since like 1996. TK of the WBZ and Alvin of the WBZ.

Damn Toes, you're calf looks like it gonna explode!

Merse stay here!!! We're opening two new classrooms that you can be the head teacher! Think about it! Yay!

I have this playing on my DVD player on repeat when I'm not watching Sportscenter. It's that effen good. Come through.

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