Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Alvinisms 563 Dancing

"U guys popped my cherry."

-Jerel (in response to his first time using video chat...w/ 3 dudes...mahhh!!!)

Jerel's "First Time". Hahaha, w/ 3 shirtless dudes. Kimtan, TK, and I. You must really be in SF cuz this picture looks hella bakla!

Everyone look close!

Did you know: I'm performing again on Friday! I love dancing! Yippeeee!!!

Thought of the day: Okay, everyone knows that the best dancers come from the West. In particular they come from San Deezy but I know there is mad crazy talent all up and down from here to Seattle we run shit. If you want an example, think of the Jabbawockeez. Ben, Chris, Rynan, Kevin, Eddie, Saso, and Joe all once were dancing on SoCal teams, and are respectively from all over the West. But still. Damn its nice to grow up in a place where you can learn to skate, break, be a thug, surf, dance, race, eat 1,000 different foods, snowboard, offroad, sand dune, border hop, and so many other things...Oh, and we have KJ.

Wednesday I get a call from Zooks saying they blocked me in piece that I just learned for fun on Sunday so I called Frees up for an emergency rehearsal. You learn better when you teach so she let me teach her the piece. Though it was a long and tiring session, its always fun when you're w/ the Workshop ANBU Squad (aka The Freezers, aka Althea and I) and its no pressure and a great routine. Thank you Frees for the last minute rehearsal! Keep the PJ's and shirt, my gift. Im nice huh. Hahaha!

Afterwards I had a heart to heart w/ Chantha about her future, and dancing, and school. I believe in you and your choices girl. You have a good head on your shoulders, and you were raised by the best! Mwahahaha! Self props! JK. Lemme know what you choose. Coffee and San Diego soon kay.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Rehearsal w/ Frees from Alvin Benavidez on Vimeo.

Here's our random rehearsal. Try to learn if you can! Mwahaha! I think I got a few counts wrong. Yay!

I can't wait to see the fam on Friday! Love you Clara and Mario!

Events, events, events. You gotta love TK for throwing the funnest parties.

If I make it in time I'll see ya'll there.

Gotta show some Shop support. If you love skating or wanna see a hundred little gromitz come through.

This stuff will get you LAID! Eh, maybe.

Damn, this is getting close! WBZ Vegas Round 2!

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ryan leano said...

aaayyyy!!!! it's san pedro's piece! i hella miss doing this piece at funks la class back in the day. i'm dancing again too, homie. i'm part of a new project in the bay and we'll be performing at world of dance and prelude norcal. looks like we both couldn't stay away! hopefully i'll see you at alumni practice sunday, and give mario and clara all my love and blessings.