Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Alvinisms 562 Diversity

"Gaaaawwrrshh! Its bhhin like dhaat!"

-Jenny on the way to the beach.

Did you know: Even though there are hundreds of different ethnicities in San Diego, my elementary school in National city was over 75% Filipino.

Thought of the day: Shit, I don't know even where to start. I'm worn out from studying a grip, excited for performing, building tolerance for wine tasting, feening to get out and start getting active again, and just a whole lot of stuff.

My leg is finally good enough to get out and do some activities. Sitting at home being lazy is the worst feeling for me. So, time to get back on the bike, slip on the running shoes, hit the beach, take a dip in the pool, step on the board, dance a little, and just go wherever the wind blows.

Quick thought of why San Diego is America's "Finest City" is because we are so diverse here. We got people from all over the world and all walks of life. Plus everyone wants to visit here so we meet even more characters. In high school for instance yes I kicked w/ mostly Filipinos, but I surfed w/ the surfers and chilled in the "Swamps" w/ the black folk, shared laughs w/ the Viet gangstas, broed w/ the Persian Mafia, etc etc etc. You gotta love all the people you meet here in Sunny San Deezy.

Writing this Alvinism w/ the pictures from rehearsal makes me happy and nostalgic. Enjoy the pictures and the video! More pictures and videos to come! Especially after Friday!

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Hoey got his hats back in stock so check em out. And look at the products page to see your local Alvinism! Mwahaha! Who's dat pogi!?!

Wanna see what came in and made me happeeee!?! Yup, Toe-Knee and I finally received our Chargers season tickets!!! This year, TK and I are tailgating like uber champs!

Breakfast of champions. Yes, I still eat Count Chocula. Those marshmallows are too good!

So I took a train up to Fullerton for Mavyn rehearsal. The station is next to my favorite brewery/pizza place, Pizza Port. Mmmm...Beer buddies.

All aboard the Polar Express!!! Okay, its just Amtrak but you can drink as much as you want!

Traveling by train is one of my favorite things to do. The stations always have a different feel. Solana Beach's is pretty shnazzy.

The first half all the way to Fulltown aka Fullerton or LA is super cool. Beaches and rich people.

Hello Huntington Beach Pier. Lots of memories here. Sunday there was a surf competition so it was packed. You must have seen it in the video or go watch it now.

On the train, you get right next to the beach and next to the cliffs. Its fun I tell you. Who wants to go!?! Me love train days!

Comfy seats, you can bring your own food or beer, you buy it too. I met a Red Sox fan from Boston and he bought me an Arrogant Bastard, thanks Jon. Check out www.adrenalinelacrosse.com. We talked about sports and socks for like an hour before he passed out mid conversation. Trains are good spots to meet travelers.

Not sure where I was at this point.

Ah yeah! The Anaheim Station stops right at the stadium. The Fullerton Station stops right in downtown Fullerton. Time for rehearsal.

My Train ride to Mavyn rehearsal from Alvin Benavidez on Vimeo.

Here's a quick video of the train ride. There are two routines we're performing at the end. Mind you we learned and cleaned them in 1 rehearsal and we were dead tired so its 50%. Enjoy! I love TM, Mavyn, and just dancing period!

Mizuki aka Miz aka Zooks is the coolest Japanese person in the whole world. She can dance, she got good taste in music, and is just an all around wonderful person. Thanks for picking me up Mizzy. Love you girl!

We were a little early so we ate at this spot called Guppys. Oh man, this place has to come down to San Diego. Oh God please. There is one in Cerritos and the other in Yorba Linda.

Carne Asada Fries need to be cooked like this. I don't have a lot of pictures from the rehearsal cuz I spent it well....rehearsing. So enjoy the few I do have...and the video.

Michael Bailey, and Roland "JR" Gruspe are my buddies. JR was there when I started dancing w/ Team Millennia. He's a great teacher, friend, dancer, and big brother. Mike likes to crump.

Rehearsal was tiring as shit. But dammit, I love it and it was so fun. It was nice to meet all you new cats and to reunite w/ the oldies. See you all Friday. Open bar! What!?! Hey NAOWBS, morning dance time!?! Cat brains!?! Lotion!?! Friday is gonna be fun like no other.

Damn that mirror is der dow!

Jay Chris is an honorary 101 member. He's danced w/ PAC Modern, Chill Factor, Funkanometry, Mavyn, Supa Frenz, to name a few. He's a popping machine.

James is one of my best friends up there and all time. NOAWBS, 101, TM, Mavyn, Chill Factor, Opposites, etc. Damn broskee, we been through a lot. He's been there when for all the ups and downs; and we laughed through all of it. If you ever wanna meet some good people, lemme introduce you to the Wildboyz or 101. When Leo gets back we're getting the crew together. (BTW, what face is this!?! Hahaha!)

This is Kellie aka Kel aka Belle. She's my ex-girlfriend and friend forever. One thing that people find weird about me is that I always stay good friends w/ my exs. Nothing bad like that though, sheesh. I figure you spend so much quality time w/ someone, why do we have to throw it away and lose one of you best friends? Kel is awesome and we both matched the same damn shorts. Round off, back handspring, backflip? Lets see if I still can do it yeah Belle? Thanks for everything. Tell the baby I said, "shmee shmaa shmoo shmaa!"


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