Thursday, July 10, 2008

Alvinisms 554

“Nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence like accomplishment."

-Thomas Carlyle

Did you know: The numbers on a pencil designate how hard it is starting from 1 being soft and 3 being hard. Do you remember pencil fighting!?! Old school!

Thought of the day: Man, you know when you feel like the world is overwhelming you? Yeah, I got that. But the next feeling is that great feeling of accomplishment, and as the light comes, it gets better and better.

I'm fuckin done w/ all my work; the light is here and I'm free and liberated as a bird couped in pigeon's nest on a Long Beach rooftop. Yesterday I finished all my Montessori Training and I finished a book I've been reading for a couple weeks. So what do I do to enjoy my new found freedom?...Tajima!!! What comes next? w/ the Shop and Curiculum dudes!!! And then?...TAJIMA AGAIN!!! What fuckin awesome way to start my life over again. Time to go to to the beach and run again.

Random Thought of the day: Don't eat kim chee before you sleep. Gelly made eat some of her nasty cabbage and veggies and not my mouth feels numb and gross. It's like Korea took a little shit in my mouth and even brushing and listerine won't wash them away. This sucks, Imma brush right now just thinking about it.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Here is our Junior Year Airbands

Less than one month away.

Still have snorkeling w/ sharks, Santa Barbara, and winetasting before it.

Kanye said it best, "let's go on a living spree." It's good to be me right now. Happy boy!!!

If you can handle some intense, graphic, detailed, violent, stomach churning language then this book will do it for you. It will open your eyes to some of the horrors of the world and some its humanity. Which side are you on?

I told you Pizza Friday was crazy at my school. Check out all the free pizzas left over! Yums! And we had a tub full of dank salad too!

Friday night we had a Blockbuster night at Fatch's. We had a grip of good ass food. Hello sausage pizza.

Hello mushroom. There were just like 9 of us watching some movies, mackin on food, and kickin back beer. [I'm growing my Chan (sp?)]

My all time fav, hello pepperoni. The Ruins will defs ruin your appetite if you have a week stomach.

Pizza Hut breadsticks were surprisingly delicious too! But to block all that gore out your mind; Drillbit Taylor is a funny movie.

Hello Pizza Hut pasta. Shits dank and feeds a lot. Even me!

Dude, Frees couldn't wait and here she is digging into the white pasta. Hello delicious. I'm talking about the pasta of course. Mwahahaha!

Celebrations always begin w/ something you love dearly. Hello small miso ramen w/ thin cut noodles and an extra egg. Good by clear arteries.

Chicken karaage might stop my heart from beating but it sure as hell won't stop my face from grinning!

What I thought was gonna be a solo trip to Tajima turned into me, Frees, Allan, Chris, and Kimtan all grubbin. It's time to bring back Adult Emporium. Frees I forgot to do our new dance at Modus! Next time when we both go out we'll do it. Hahahaha! Hand hugs all around!

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