Saturday, July 05, 2008

Alvinisms 548

"The weight of the world is LOVE."

-Allen Ginsberg

Did you know: I've been sick in bed and have thrown up 4 times and shitted like 100. Food poisoning sucks.

Thought of the day: This whole weekend was up and down especially Saturday where the day started off great at the Shop w/ Althea and lots of customers but then I started feeling really weak, faint, and sick in the stomach. Now I planned on going to the beach and even though I felt like a piece of shit that was shitted on, I still went.

So I met up w/ TK and Tristan and headed to 19th street where we met up Jen, April, Rolando, and Kimtan. Still sick as a dog I slept on the beach for a while. Now, I'm the type of guy that says, "Fuck it, just fuckin do it." So when I woke I couldn't say no to at least paddling out for a bit even though I felt like small alien was growing inside me.

It felt nice being out there, and from what started as a super shitty day turned wonderful for about 10-15 seconds where I caught my best wave of the summer. For that moment, I was painless, for that moment nothing mattered, for that moment I smiled and loved every second.

The reason I took one in afterwards was that me and some other dudes saw a pretty big fin out there and I actually saw the body of what was either a dolphin or a shark. It was about 20 yards from me so I said "eff it" and bailed. I'm not gonna take my chances and find out so I called it day w/ a big smile and headed back.

Then went home and crashed for 12 hours. And here I am, sick as a dog.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

I like Ollie's caption for this picture, "The Cool Kids". Thanks for the bottles of Asti and appetizers Rae!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I know you had fun. Mwahahaha.

There is a shrimp in there. It was pretty dankage. The wontons were tasty too.

Frees and I split the calamari. Oh my it was sooo tender, tasty, and oh so amazing.

Pad Se Ew makes me happy. The thick noodles are so damn yums!

Apes we should've taken a picture w/ our feet too!
Alvinism, George, KJ, and Orrie. We invented "the hand hug."

Celadon is good times. Time for House of Blues.

Andrew and Tim will be in Vegas August 8th too. This trip is gonna be bananas no matter what. My shirt says it all, "the world is yours". Oh and Tim, nice shirt...props props.

Haven't seen Carmie in like year or so. See you in Vegas too mama!

The two drunkies of the night. Ya'll win the "time of my life award" that night.


Me and Steph, you're a woman mama! Vegas?

This is Orrie and Hoey w/ matching hats, they were trying to stand next to the guy w/ the third matching hat! Ha!

Hoey x Wildboyz

Even Apes rocks the pendant, but as an eyepatch!?!

Eunice and Rubi smiling for me.

Even the Local Hero was out. Did you notice he shaved his head!

Once again I pass out at Rae Rae's place. This is what I see right before I knock out. Thank you guys for taking care of me. FF.

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