Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Alvinisms 534

"Life can only be understood backward, but it must be lived forward."

-Soren Kierkegaard

Did you know: I bought the website Sugoi!

Thought of the day: Before I tell you why Wednesday stoked me out, let me tell you why Thursday is gonna be dope...I'm going to Chuck E. Cheese during work!!! Getting paid, getting fed, playing games, winning stuff, playing w/ kids, and yeah...GETTING PAID!!! Hahaha!

Wednesday night started off super productive w/ a study session at Borders w/ TK who was supposed to get shit done but I showed him a whole different section of photography books so he didn't do what he wanted to. Then we went to the 24 hour Wal Mart on Aero Drive to waste a giftcard on a ipod player for my car (I broke mine) and some shorts for football. And to top off a random night w/ the TKWu55boy we hit up Alvaro's (or Alavaro's for Gelly or Albertos for the old school) for some burritos and some instant gratification. God bless San Diego and all its splendor.
What's left of my player.

I am soooo stoked for for other reasons too! My Wednesday off from the shop was spent driving to La Jolla to read a book (A Long Way Home) by the beach and meet up w/ my friend Brian. Then we drove to Clairemont where we met up at Nelz place to buy some Elemenohpee bodyboards. We got hooked up pretty good because the total for the 4 boards was $460 where if I bought them retail it would've been from $820 to $1350.

See, I told yah! WTF!?!
Some places were a lot cheaper though, but still can't beat the love. Thanks Nelz.

It was dope to meet one of bodyboarding's legends and to sit down and shoot the breeze w/ him. I'm kinda afraid to go out and surf w/ him cuz I ain't even close to his level or even riding the same sized waves but fuck it, he's rad and asked to go out so we'll see.

This is gonna be a blazin ass summer so if you wanna paddle out or just frolic in the ocean holla at yo local Wildboy and let's make it happen. Honestly, we're so damn blessed to have the ocean here all day everyday and for some reason most people don't take advantage of it. Time to slip into my fins, wrap that leash around my arm, and welcome the summer the way its supposed to. Have dope Thursday.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

I love the beach, even when you're not riding, just being there feels good.
Hooked up!!! Just need a leash.
Team LMNOP representin.
I got hooked up in high school w/ this Toobs board by David Nguyen who was sponsored by them. Hella wax huh. Lots good times and memories w/ it. But it's time to move on.

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