Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Alvinisms 533

Yo, come and support you local skateshop, shop riders, friends, or if you just wanna see some skating, ride around, eat some grub, chat w/ folks, roll an ankle, watch a contest, get inspired or do whatever. Come join us at the PQ Skatepark. It's always a good time.

"Humor is a rubber sword - it allows you to make a point without drawing blood."

-Mary Hirsch

Did you know:Every time Beethoven sat down to write music, he poured ice water over his head.

Thought of the day: First of all welcome back to Gelly who came back from deployment in the Philippines for a while but it seemed almost like a vacation to me. But yeah, its good to have you back in town Buns. Sex In The City for The Incredible Hulk? You got a deal.

Second, I'm not gonna rub it in to the Lakers losing the Championship because honestly I'm not a huge Celtic fan, I'm just a big anti-Laker. So I'm only halfway stoked but it still feels good. I give respect where its due and Kobe was sick this year and next year will be something to look forward to but...Don't Charger fans, Clipper fans, and Padre fans always say, "next year?" Damn, for the second time, it feels good. Suck it Lakers and fuck it Faketriots!

Third, I'm excited because Wednesday I'll be hitting up Nelz and Brian for the bodyboards we ordered. Nelz seems like a super cool guy and can't wait to meet him and then start ripping again. Here's the lineup:

Thanks B for the hook-up!!! Dawn patrol or whenever. I'm game yo! Just...not as big as this picture.

Neillage's board.

The Prince of Vietnam's Board.

Fatcho's Board.

Ronnie's Board but w/ a crescent tail.

And I'm either gonna go w/ the Rockstar Novy or the same as Fatcho. We'll see when I get there which one I'm more stoked on.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Eric wanted to try to jump in the suit and then figured it was like 50 more degrees hotter in it.

Dial 1-800-Fuck it lets go!!!

Practice Jump

We waited a long time so that's why there are so many damn pictures.

Happy Birthday Frees. Next month...snorkeling w/ sharks! EXTREME! Thrill seeking fun!

Sure is thrilling huh. Look at Adrian patiently waiting in the back.

Hahaha! Your goggles must have been hella tight! If we painted them you'd look like Spiderwoman!

This is my jump tandem partner Herbie. He's from Brazil also and is one of the craziest guys there so they say, it made the jump even better. He's tied for the second/third coolest Brazilian w/ Claudia.

Why stop w/ skydiving when the day was young. So where do we go?

Yup we hit up Pechanga for some drinks and some gambling. Then we were extremely pooped. But later that night were two parties to go to, so nap time the let the good times roll. Pictures to come.

If you're wondering who my number one favorite Brazilian is, it's Harold Daltin. He used to work and ride for the Shop and was a pro for several companies. He's super excitable, crazy, funny, genuine, nice, and friendly which makes him number one. He's usually in Brazil or SF but when I see him in a blue moon its always a good time. Miss you bro.


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aproductivelife said...

HEY! I just choose to talk about the fun I had over the hard work they put us through... believe me it wasn't all a walk in the park :/