Monday, June 02, 2008

Alvinisms 523

"Feed your faith and your fears will starve to death." (I like this quote because it's not talking about religious faith but faith in yourself.)


Did you know: Team Millennia made it on America's Best Dance Crew! If you don't know, now you know so pick up your phone, turn on your TV, tell a friend to watch and support you local Alvinism's home team!

Thought of the day: I'm working a lot this week and got a crapload of stuff to do which is actually good because I need to save some cash and earn some cash. I need a chill weekend to make up for my spending mistakes. Ho hum, you live you learn.

Having a career sure is fun and I have more to spend than I used to but I also have a lot more stuff than I know what to do with so we'll figure out where the middle is.

-Al-vin-ism of the Wildboyz

MCHS football: Orrie, Cesaer, and yo boy Alvinism.

Alvinism and Jay Chris of Mavyn, Supa Frenz, and Chill Factor. Dang we danced a lot!

Why is baby boy here!?! Not even gonna say how old you are man!

Everyone wants to be the Local Hero.

Bottles poppin all night.

Downstairs in the VIP, everyone wants a swig.

If TK runs SD, Myron runs LA.

Champagne bottles added to the madness and sparklers made the heads turn.

Roz, Fredo, and Chim Chan took a really close picture.

Matt and I go back to high school and the dancing days.

Wu55boy aka TK and the birthday girl Apes.

Girlies loving girlies.

I told you everyone wants to be the Local Hero.

Goldfish racing!?!
The couches later turned into gogo platforms for everyone.
Oh what a night.

Its funny to hang around these peeps. TK, Guil, Michelle, and Steven are all like a foot taller than me.

Apes this is why you were a mess at Tajima! Hahaha! Get it!

Oh wow! Nancy Ly was there! It's been like 7 years ma!

Er, Nancy, Steph, Charlie, Big C, Ro, and Mwa.

Myron used to live w/ me when I lived by the Block. We used to have a weed garden in our walk in closet. I didn't smoke, swear!

Hello Ruby! Where are your clothes!?!

Angela the Lebion, Jasmine the Wild one, Davide the Fabulous and I forgot the other 3, I just met them but they were nice and funny! Sorry!

Eunice, you nice!

Smootchy bootchies!

Baby boy and Tallness can dance circles around you.

Why does everyone try to get lower than me. Waaahhh!!!

Wuss Clan, Buddies, Wildboyz 4 life. Thank you for being there T. I love you man...and Ann Diep! Hollaaa!!! Sleep over and morning cereal surprise?

You guys look like the American flag's stripes. White, red, and white. J/K! Jokes!

Nice Zoolander face April! I talked to your feet again! Ha!

TK, Ross, Ollie, Tristan, and I'm drunk laughing.

I would've never thought Jamie Palmore would've been at Onyx, but if you're related w/ the Shop, you're family.

This was the first time I've ever seen the Tajima parking lot like this. Yes, I went to Tajima two nights in a row. What can I say, I love the place like I love quality toilet paper.

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