Sunday, June 01, 2008

Alvinisms 521


-April (in the car drinking 40s and vodka and playing ghetto kings)

Did you know: I had an epiphany in life in college and it woke me up to a brighter world.

Thought of the day: Why is it the day after drinking you wake up hella early? I guess its a good thing thought cuz on Saturday I did a bunch of shit. Ready? First I cleaned my bike, then went biking. I figured I was outside I might as well skate right? So I did for a while. Hmmm, I haven't ran in a few days so I ran 4 miles and was sweaty so I figured that I might as well jump in the pool and work on that.

Then I had work at the shop, drove down to downtown for Body Rock to see TM, drove back up to preparty and meet up w/ friends, and back down to DT for April's bday and the Body Rock afterparty at Onyx and watch the Kimbo slice fight. Want a recap? Clean, bike, skate, run, swim, work, dance, preparty, fight, party, Tajima. Whew!

Honestly, Saturday night was one of the funnest club event thingies I've been to in a while. Full of friends from San Diego to the Bay it was a drunken reunion and everyone was having a good time. There were bottles left and right, haha's left and right, dancing left and right, good times left and right.

We are celebrating the goodlife and I'm not looking back. Not right now. The pictures are from TK's flickr from Jade so Saturday pictures are to come later. Peace. Love. Faith.

-Al-vin-ism of the Wildboyz

Let the good times roll.

Drew is TK's lil bro but he's pretty big. But he'll always be my lil bro too.

Mama Shalihe! Congrats...again and again and again!

TK and Jamie, she's now forever my hooker.

Krissy and KJ are the dopest!

Get in line for your grub!

This place is nize!!!

Guess who I found at the bar during the toast. The WGZ! You drunk fucks! Hahaha!

Laura, Fredo, Nessa and I all got mo-dead (haha, yeah I said it, "Moded")

After dinner the bar was crackin! People were upstairs, downstairs, chillin in the bathroom lounge.

Running SD since I could remember.

Angeline can DJ too. Real talk.

What form Harold!

You girlies are the breast!

This is the beginning of like a thousand pics of getting people fucked up on bottles. I didn't wanna put every one of pictures of each person. But enjoy!

I'm happy for this picture.

Mama, you look hot in this picture!

KJ is one of the funniest people I know.

More grubbage!

Mr. Marzo and Mr. Wu55boy.

Michelle and TK are over 12 feet combined.

Scripps in the house!

Vinh, James and I finishing up. Good job at Body Rock Vinh. You're shirt was cut really low, ha!


Thanks for celebrating the good life w/ us.

Jenny's like, "this guy like to get down!" Tristan is like, "shut your China trap and freak me!" Hahahaa! J/K

Ro, Harold, TK, Apes, Fredo, Me, and Nessa all got faked out when we found champagne flutes that were full. But someone but water in them! Fuck! What a disappointment.

Hoey pendant and shirt. TK's wristband throws his whole outfit off. Ha! TK has been one of my best friends for over half my life. He really is one of the most genuine people I know. Love you bro. Parmesan cheese!

Jenny loves it!

Jo doesn't even want to know.

No comment.

DJ Bluballz aka Ron aka Ronnie aka Ron or as the WBZ call him "FobBods"
Tristan flies out to SD all the time. You can see why.

What the celebrity status.

Even Hamster aka The Local Hero aka Ed aka preschool buddy had some.

Another no comment picture.

Photobooth for memories. Can't wait to see all the pics. Have a great Sunday. Time for football practice, swimming, and WBZ paint the town red.

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