Friday, May 30, 2008

Alvinisms 520

"Throw your heart over the fence and the rest will follow."

-Norman Vincent Peale

Did you know: Most dust particles in your house are made from dead skin.

Thought of the day: TK's dinner at Jade was a bash for sure! It was like I was in a club and not a birthday party. Too bad I had my very first Teacher/Parent/Student conference the next day so I had to cut and ease up on the dranky dranks.

Oh and Miguel Zarate of Bravo's "Step It Up & Dance" show was wearing a Wildboyz tee! Thanks Migz! Good luck out there, love you!

Step It Up & Dance Miguel WBZ T-shirt from Ollie on Vimeo.

Our first WBZ shirts.

This picture is sooo gay. Hahaha. Love it! No homo.

-Al-vin-ism of the Wildboyz and 101

Thanks for the support! On the TK's bday bash, pictures aren't my main concern so they aren't shmancy or anything. Just enjoy some of the festivities.

4 40 oz. and a bunch of friends makes for a random preparty!

I haven't seen my best friend in so long! I miss you!

We match a lot and Jewelz loves it!

OG WGZ: Jenny, Cheryl and Rhoda.

TJ and JR enjoying some refreshments.

The food was awesome. Sorry those that didn't get to grub. Steak is always great.


Ojay and Michelle are nomads, they drove to Napa and back in time for the din din.

Tristan is the aerial nomad. He flew out from NY just to be here! Hey Joann when are we gonna battle!!!

Poor Eddie got the leftovers but check out Vinh's face! Oh my!

Couples table. Orrie, T Lovely, MC, and Apes.

Hi girlies!

These guys run downtown. TK, Keith and Ed.

"Fuck the Lakers!"

I love these girls.

And I love these girls too! Hi Ro and Frees!

Haha, Neill spilled his vodka tonic all over his crotch!

That is ultimate.

Vanessa of UFX, Alvinism of Mavyn & TM, KJ of SGBM. Dance life!

The party was splitsies upstairs and downstairs. 100+ RSVP, TK you are the most popular guy I know.

Teachers have fun too.

Where's George and we'll have our Vegas ride!?!

Free's pants are hot like fire!

Krissy and Vinh are dope people and performers.

Nice Brixton Drew, now we match too. Hoey Inc. in the hizzy!

Steve is like 6'4". That's just mean man.

Cile, Lai, and Suze illin downstairs.

Once all the grub was gone everyone went downstairs to drink it up and were "celebrating the good life".

Freshman years homecoming queen and king, Mr. Edwin and Mrs. Rose. Real talk!

Blast from the past! Hi Steph!

Jules of the Dipset, Ninja something something something. Ha!

Michelle of Bumsville was kind enough to take a picture of her snatch. Nice jeans! Ha!

I spy Jen in the crowd waving. Hello!

Fullerton, Fullerton, nothing rhymes w/ Fullerton..........Bulletin!!!! Bulletin, bulletin, bulletin rhymes w/ Fullerton.

Jenny is lovie dovie. Edwin was not except it. Ha!

We made Neill down a 40. Now look at him. Dunzos son!

We left early so we had some time to get some dank Tajima! Oh how I've missed you so much.

The perfect ending to a night. Lots of random things coming up, I'm excited for today, tomorrow and wherever the wind blows me.


jewelz. said...

damn right teachers can have fun too!

Charlotte said...

Well written article.