Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Alvinisms 519

"There are three good reasons to be a teacher - June, July, and August. "


Did you know: My weekend starts Wednesday or Thursday now.

Thought of the day: I read this quote and laughed. It's true because even though we still work during these months it's super cake. Who gets to go the movie theaters once a week, go the park, beach, field trips, practice cooking in class, paint, garden, do art and all these fun things during work!?! What's coming up in about 4 days...oh shnaps, its JUNE!!! Here comes the fun!

When things looked pretty grimm, I laughed and tried to be as optimistic as I could and wwwooooshhaaaa.....things got a lot better really fast! Optimism is an amazing thing I tell yah. Wednesdays have been soo super lately. Biking on some friggin awesome trails and even more awesome food. I'm buzzed and sleepy. Good night world. Don't ever stop loving and smiling. Peace. Love. Faith.

Anyone down to go fishing this weekend?

-Al-vin-ism of the Wildboyz

The early bird gets the worm, but we all just hungry. But...

We always have the best time together. Harold is loving the stories.

Mr. Zurich in 6th grade made us all the best story tellers ever! Jojo, that was the best story I've heard the year! Jenny is totally into it! Love tandem stories.

George showing face.


When Fatch arrived he told all of us to look up.

So everyone did.

Even Kimtan.

Fatch's face says, "Oh shit, it really does say something."

Albert arrived w/ some goodies. It was honestly one of the most sporadic and successful pool parties I've been to.

My ball ended up the water a few times.

Thanks guys.

Jeff is a fish, he's always down to swim.

Lounging by the pool, drinking beer, eating bbq, laughing w/ friends. What more can you ask for?

Joe Iggy and the 6 footers even showed up!

Guil still looks like Frankenstein to me.

Party people! Thanks to everyone who came out!

30+ people came out for the festivities. No myspace bulletins, no flyers, no blowing up emails! Just people who wanna have some daytime fun.

San Diego in Atlanta colors!?! Tisk tisk tisk.

Jules and Guil of Victory holding it down. Jenny, what are you doing?

Steve even brought Rambo for the fun. Watch out for the next picture.

Chocolate starfish!!! I told you to watch out!

Steven, Rhods, Jen, and Jojo laxin.

Good ass times. Support your local skateshop says TK's shirt.

George was a big help on the grill.

But he burned his eyelashes when playing w/ the lighter fluid.

Even Harold handled the second grill. Yes we had two going. We had grips and grips of food!

Oh hell no Fatch. What the.

Chew and swallow first TK!

Mad dash for the food! Shit was dank! Ya'll missed out if you weren't there!

Look at Kimtan appreciating his food. Paul is scoping what to eat next.

Thanks for helping on the grill DJ!

Thuy lovin it!

The entrance to the lonely pool cuz everyone was grubbin!

San Diego's new hottest daytime event promoters! (not really) Introducing J-Rel and Alvinism of Endless Daytime Events for all your random fun in the sun events. And...who says the weekend starts on Friday, we start on Tuesday or Wednesday!

Keep on keep keepin on.

Tottee has humongous eyes and long hair.

Thanks for helping on the grill Harold. Here he is enjoying his double double. And his shadow too.

Whoa...deep convo?


Chili cheese dogs too!!! I told you we were grubbin! I didn't even take pictures of all the food.

Oh yeah, we had salmon for you pescatarians out there too. Shit was dank too! Oh man, I'm full and hungry at the same time!

Tina and Tots having a moment.

Ryan and Chris tossing the pigskin. That hill is fun to roll down too.

These are some of the ha-ha girls. Love you girlies.

WTF!?! Wake up Steven!

Music is always a must.

Fatch and I are best friends. Here we are being emo and taking in the sun.

SIKE!!!! WE LAUGH A LOT! If you wanna have some laughs, join us at MM Workshop on Thursday afternoon and the at TK's bday dinner at Jade.

Overall, this was one of the most fun days of the year. Chill, fun, full of friends, free, food, smiles, laughs, and just something that not the usual. Memorable Memorial Day. Thank you.

Oh, and grilled corn for the topper. Fuck yeah. Now I'm uber happy.


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WTF!!! I see how it is... everything happens when I leave the country :(