Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Alvinisms 518

"Avoid the crowd. Do your own thinking independently. Be the chess player, not the chess piece."

-Ralph Charell

Did you know: The only 15 letter word that can be spelled without repeating a letter is uncopyrightable.

Thought of the day: Sometimes you just gotta count your blessings. And to be honest, I know I've been really really blessed for the past couple months. In my head I'm really saying, "what the hell? and/or oh my God!" in a good way. I can't really get into what's been making me soo stoked but all I gotta say is that when you look at the world w/ a smile and an optimistic view, it tends to smile back and shine some light on you. Thank you world and thank you my friends. Love ya'll.

Oh and I bet ya'll have heard by now that Team Millennia made it to this summer's season of America's Best Dance Crew! I'm so happy and excited for them! I feel like a proud father watching his kids baseball game! Except I party w/ these kids! Get em son!!! Loose! Loose! Loose!

Congrats to the Santos' Willy and Shalihe!!!!!!!!!!! WE'RE ALL UNCLES AND AUNTIES!!!!!!! Peace. Love. Faith.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz and 101

They finally fixed Willy's name. Dang homie, you do look notorious...Notoriously bakla!!!!! Joke lang. Lemme fix the ramp myself so we can all start skating it again!

I honestly barely remember anything. The whole night was like this...a blur.

Party people everywhere!!!!! Preparty next door and walk drunk as fuck to the club! Love it!

The Marriott either really likes us or really hates us.

But I know I love these girls! Hi Jojo and hi Cile!

Cile is my neighbor that I don't see. One day we gotta go bike riding or at least a ball game mama!

This face says, "I'm drunk already!"

Anabel aka Anaballz is lookin sharp!

I spy two six footers. TK, you look uber skinny here. Like zombie skinny yo!

Haha, this pictures isn't warped w/ photobooth on a Mac, it's just a moving JR!

Tristan of NY in the hizzy! We going to DC!!! Aye, when you're in Florida pick me up a crocodile!

This hallway became and infamous theater later that night! Best story evvvverrrrr!!!!! Mwahaha!

Tiffanie and friends came out.

Sorry to block your face w/ my hat Mary Grace!

My beer pong partner Juelz! We meet again!

Me, Jen, Kimtan, and the Local Hero. Eddie looks like pole for some reason, maybe its just the color of the shirt.

Bboy Chris from the Squids of Fury. We used to session in my garage back in the day. Once a bboy...

Wait...now that I think of it. WTF Ross!?! How are you in here!?! Ross is my baby brother in law.

Fatcho aka JR aka JRazcal aka Mr. Mira Mesa is always the man.

Steven doesn't look too happy. What's up buddy?

Rosie is one of my closest buddies. We used to like each other in 8th grade before she had boobs and had nerdy glasses.

Man, its light in here. Oh nevermind, these girls are just light skinned. Cile and Rose...are one of those for me?

Laguna and Steve just chillin in the VIP.

David and Dee illin the VIP as well.

Thanks TK for always looking out man. Love you bro. Edwin and Sean bro-ing down.

Juli and Steve are two tough shorties.

My phone broke this night (so please call only, no texts). And Jen lost her phone. Kimtan is trying to make her feel better.

I blacked out pretty early that night and woke up at Kimtan's place. His spot is nice yo!

Downtown sure looks different in the daytime.

It's two grimey ass weekends in a row.

Jamie called me in the morning and asked to pick her up. She said, "Alvin, can you pick me up, I'm on the corner by 5 & a Dime, I'll be there." Hahaha. It sounded like I was picking up a hooker. Love you Jams!

I've known Jamie for over 13 years too! We even went to Fullerton together. Friends don't let friends be hookers on the corner.

What a way to start Memorial Day, but it sure was memorable. The day's events to come in the next Alvinism!

Thanks for taking care of me Kimtan. WBZ 4 Life.


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Jenn said...

Actually, i believe i'm throwing up in that last pic. haha

jacking your pictures.. thanks! :)