Saturday, May 24, 2008

Alvinisms 516

"I am the Way, the Truth, the Life." (Thanks KJ!)

-Jesus Christ

Did you know: Grasshoppers hear with their elbows. (Thanks Mary!) Rabbits do not have menstruation cycles. (Thanks Krissy!)


Thought of the day: Before anything, if you're not doing anything for Memorial Day, holla at me if you wanna come to my pool for a BBQ around 2 o'clock Monday. Or if you wanna bike ride earlier day too.

The silliest things happen to me when I go running. Promise. You've already heard me witness an accident, find a lost and found plane, and now I've returned a dog. Yes, you've heard it right, I returned a dog.

So first of all I had a chill Friday so I was able to get a full night's sleep and wake up at 8 am. Instead of vegging out I went bike riding for about 4 miles for fun. Then I thought to myself, "its cool enough to go for a fun run." Well that fun run went on for 7.2 miles, my personal best! Along the way this dog w/ one of those neuter collars started following me so I stopped and made friends w/ it and looked around for an owner. After a couple minutes I figured it'd follow me and it did! A few minutes later along the way I see this couple walking around looking like they lost their kid or something and they saw me too and started shouting and pointing, "LT! LT!"

I thought Ladainian Tomlinson was running or driving around so I stopped and turned around. Turns out the dog was named after our hometown hero. What a good way to start my day.

Hit up Fry's to exchange my ghetto blaster only to get turned away so I went to the ultimate picker upper...TAJIMA!!! Dankage rice curry w/ fried chicken and karaage. The best part is that my favorite worker Yayoi is back from Japan!!! Kimtan and I were practicing our creeper modes.

Trek store and Mitsuwa for some Naruto toys later, its time for work. Speaking of work. Work is always fun and funny. Today I worked w/ KJ who is one of the funniest guys I know. We also got a visit from Krissy and Mary.

Afterwards Fatch, George, and I hit up the Tilted Kilt to meet up w/ Edwin, Kimtan, and Jenn to watch the UFC fight. THAT WAS THE BEST CARD ED! YOU WERE RIGHT! Honestly I like MMA but don't watch all the time but this was seriously the best series of fights I've ever seen.

Visited Eddie's new place downtown and played my favorite drinking game "caps" and the called it a night at like 2 am. Lets do a wrap up: bike, run, Frys, Tajima, Trek, Mitsuwa, Willys Workshop, Tilted Kilt, Eddies. Peace. Love. Faith.

Random thought only I'll understand: It's funny seeing old things that you used to really be into.

-Al-vin-ism of the Wildboyz and 101

New Willys Workshop hats now at both shops. Come through and yours up today!

Here are some new toys that I recently bought and love: music, ESPN insider subscription, photography, skateboarding and chess.

Quiznos is trying to match up w/ Subway but has a much smaller selection. But, the tuna sandwich is pretty dank though. Now I'm hungry.

So I cleaned my room and found that I have 18 Workshop shirts, this doesn't even touch how many I've had over the past 8 years. My dad probably has a few too.

Damn this place and it's stupid and difficult return/exchange policy.

Asian salad is always dank.

Rice and curry w/ fried chicken is now one of my favorite entrees at Tajima. It was soo good that...

I ate every piece of rice. I'm surprised I didn't like the bowl.

Love this place to look for food, candy, toys, or just goodies that remind of living in Japan.

On the way to the Tilted Kilt we saw Hugo from Lost!

Most of you probably don't know what this is. Well...its the drunk tank for when you get picked up from being drunk and stupid on the streets of downtown.
I remember this night. Happy birthday Vince, we've gone through some gnarly adventures.
"I'm fucking handcuffed just like you bro! WTF am I supposed to do!?!" said Vince to a drunk guy in the holding car who told him to open the door. Good memories.

Tilted Kilt friggin awesome. The only drawback is that they don't do pitchers. What the?

I love French Dips or Philly Cheesesteaks. This one is dizzzope! And their fries are top notch. I highly recommend it.

JR's grilled quesadilla was amazing as well. Look at all the delicious sides!

George, Eddie, and Fatch crossing the trolley tracks as the trolley leaves.

Pimp my limo.

Building art.

We needed to bring a little housewarming gift. I love escalators for carts!

I love Amstel Light too. We're going toward the light!!!

Eddie's place is super chill huh! New developments! Congrats homie!

Pretty modest kitchen, this is where he makes gourmet Ramen and bean burritos w/ siracha sauce.

The center courtyard is pretty awesome. It looks like a Vegas typ courtyard minus the drunk people.

Where's a skateboard when you need it.

It's pretty safe in here. No bums or gangstas in this complex.

Look at the super low peephole!

I whooped George's ass in Caps so he had to take breaks between finishing his beers. Sucka! Cal State Fullerton taught me well.

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