Monday, May 12, 2008

Alvinisms 505

"If you don't like something change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it."

-Mary Engelbreit

Did you know: Armadillos have four babies at a time and they are always all the same sex.

Thought of the day: Man, I've been thinking that getting off at 7 can really kill your day because it's almost 8 by the time you get home and you gotta get all that ish done before bed. And being a 1st grade teacher I definitely need my z's so mans.

List of things I do when I get home:
-try to write an Alvinism
-watch ESPN and read it on
-run at least 5 miles
-internet and blog updates
-catch up w/ friends
-finish laundry
-do a little Montessori work
-game plan for the next day's or week's activities for the kids
-finish designing the WBZ jackets and shirts
-brush my teeth
-eat and prepare lunch for tomorrow
-talk to the fam

And I'm probably forgetting some things and these are just the basics of everyday and every night. For the most part I finish or do most of them and I crash completely happy because I do what I want for how long I feel like and don't worry too much if I can't do it all cuz face it; life's got a long list of "things to do" so I've learned to just accept what you have, do what you can, push on through, and...this last one has very successful results: and smile through it and enjoy it. I guess that's how I've learned to make myself happy all the time. And if you really know me, I pretty much am always pretty upbeat. I'm not gonna cry about being overweight if I get three eggs in my ramen at Tajima. Imma enjoy every ounce of that yolk and then order more karaage son! Another thing I think of is, "I might get hit by a car tomorrow, so I can't hold back now, I just gotta go as the wind blows."

This Wednesday I'm going biking w/ Jerel and some friends for the first time so wish me luck. I probably won't bring my camera cuz I'll probably eat a lot of shit and be too concentrated to shoot. Here comes a more adventures.

Being Gelly's Mr. Motivator actually motivates myself. So thanks Buns, it works both ways. Peace. Love. Faith.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Next Alvinism will have shots from the night we did this. In the meanwhile check out Hoey Inc's new line. Don't look too hard.

Jen has an awesome car w/ one of those cameras in the back. I say just go slow until you feel a teensy wincy bump...and the move up again. Unless there is someone in the car behind you.

I spy a Hoey Inc. pendant. Look out for Hoey Inc at Black Wax in the malls or at the Shop or other fine retail stores. Dammit I guess the word is out and on the bulletins. Check out Yes that is me in the striped shirt. Pictures of the shoot next Alvinism. Eff it! Hahaha!

The Prince and Jen are a wild bunch.

I smile or do something stupid in every picture. I would never do modeling...or would I? Mwahaha!

Razo tried to catch up real quick, I mean double shots of 151 and coke quick. You crazy homie. We did eat at Tajima but didn't go to Adult Emporium...too sleepy.

Teacher Appreciation Week is the shizz!!! I'm still getting gift! Loved!

Free sandwich bars are nice because it lasts until the next week. More for me! Chomp!

Friday w/ the Frees, Fatch, Frank, Er, Orrie, April, Cal, and Allan. Mickeys all around.

Thanks to my boss I got 4 passes to the fair, tons of tickets, 4 free drinks, and free parking! Who's down!?! Serious! Holla at a playa son!

Chattin it up outside w/ Frees and Fatch. I spy Frees ghetto-style w/ the Micks.

You know something is weird interesting when you got THIS stupid look on your face.

Nick Pitera, "A Whole New World" youtube it and get a stupid look on your face.

Tony Stark in the hizzy!

Kind of a disappointment because we didn't order a pizza, didn't finish either movie, and didn't get tajima. But we did get some new mexican food and it was pretty good. In the end I can't be sad because we laughed the whole time.

Only the old school know this one. Yes, these are the reissues of the Sal 23's. Neill gave me my first skate shoes back in like 1995 and they were Sal's.

Sal Barbier is a legendary skater w/ his own shop in LA right now. I respect they guy a lot. He's awesome.

Plus it got my favorite number on it. No I don't like it for Jordan, I think it just naturally cool. I don't even like Jordans. But I respect the man. Tomorrow's Alvinism is gonna be fun so check it out.

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