Monday, May 05, 2008

Alvinisms 500 Part 2/3

"Hope is a waking dream."


"Yes, God wears number 21 and plays for the San Diego Chargers."

-Sean Salisbury ESPN anchorman

"We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future."

-Franklin D. Roosevelt

Did you know: The Baby Ruth candy bar was actually named after Grover Cleveland's baby daughter, Ruth.

Thought of the day: Random Monday w/ lots of good things happening. You know that walking on water feeling when things are just going your way and you're not even trying? Yeah, that's how I've been feeling. Frees described it as being on a good streak. And though yeah some things do suck and sucky things have happened to close friends and it affects me, in the big picture life is good and I appreciate it.

I was looking at my visitor map and I know it's not crazy like TK's but where is this person that read my Alvinism off the coast of Nigeria! Ha! The internet is crazy!

-Al-vin-ism of the Wildboyz and 101

I forgot what party this was but Laguna was faaaaaded. And after he threw up on himself mid throw in beer pong (they still won!) Cile came to make sure he was okie dokes.

TJ will do anything for a buck. Like licking TK's crusty ass toes.

The Party Of The Year...every year is the Santos Anny Part and these are some of the girls and two random trees....or s that Fatch and I.

Laguna and TJ are the Rainbow Warriors. Here they are literally.

Oh my, no comment.

See, I told you Fatch and I always match.

La Jolla Brewhouse w/ Evan and JR of KOS (Kids Of Soul) Evan taught JR and I how to bboy. Thanks brotha. Nice old school pager! Airtouch?

Anaballz and Bluballz illin.

Allan and Er Dub throwing up "W's" but Erwin is showing his thumb.

Samurai what!?! I spy Ojizz.

At one point like 10 of us would all play DS together. What a group social huh.

Ah, the beginning of the Mira Mesa Workshop.

I'm not the best skater out there, but being on the board makes me feel at home. Willys ramp is fun times.

Happy birthday Orrie! Hootie hoots.

In Vegas I spied a Workshop sticker that I have no idea who put it there. You'll start seeing them everywhere more and more.

Nutwood roommates. Fatch, Leonards and Vin. No more peeing out the window please.

My dad passed out at a Christmas party and this is what my niece's did to him.

Fatch's bday at Skateworld. Good times. I'm not sure if we made this trick.

MCHS cutest couple 1998

Del Mar Fair time is coming! Lets go get fat!

One room of La Jolla Brewhouse was empty so I hopped up and started dancing crazy. As always.

Breakin it down son!

Good times. Here comes the spring and summer! Ramp time and beach time!

Willys Workshop skate video premiered at Mira Mesa Edwards. This is Taylor (shop rider), Spencer (shop rider) and Stacks (team manager) illin at Bar Basic at the afterparty.

TK (Victory), Andrew Sprigle (Shop and Hoey), Willy (too many damn sponsors) and Mr. Mira Mesa himself.

Me and Cato aka Skate-O!

Drinking in the Catalina sun will do this to you.

It a beautiful place to visit for a few days.

Fun and crazy morning to go deep sea fishing.

Thanks for coming Jojobean! We hate seals now!

Jenny and I had like 10 classes together in college, one of them we had to shoot photos at a museum. You're one of my besties too Jen!

23 tacos in Tijuana. Yes...23.

Kimtan you should have bought the damn mask! It's sick and fits you! Check the ears!

My bro Leo and I illin at House of blues matching w/ WBZ shirts. But I put this up cuz he had cornrows!!!

Sleepy ass Xmas party this one was! Damn you Ronnie!

This Xmas party was the illest! Fatcho Libre special appearance.

When Lai graduated I had to go out for her celebration w/ her friends. Unlucky me right!?! Introducing Em, Preez, Tiff, dunno, Joyce, Lai, Donette, and Cile.

Look at all the WBZ signs.

The best local bar in Japan.

Lai threw up 3 times on the side of the road that night.

Not the Detroit Tigers, the Hanshin Tigers of Osaka son! Check out the giant phone charm!

Matchy match.

My Naruto charm, Paige's Hello Kitty charm, and Vince's axe charm.

Allan, Althea, and I are ramen fans but this is a true ramen fan.

My niece and I borrowed Magoo (JR's dog) for Blaize's bday at the dog park.

My cousin's wanted a quick demo of how to use photoshop so I did this for them in like 10 minutes.

Melissa should have won!!! Runner up!?! Come on, where is that chick now!?! Blah!

One day I was bored and made one of those year book pages in the back. I love you guys.

This is a good way to wrap up the second part of Alvinisms 500. Hope you all enjoyed!

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