Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Alvinisms 500 Part 3/3

"The world always looks brighter from behind a smile."


Did you know: Like fingerprints, everyone's tongue print is different.

Thought of the day: Wow, looking back at all the Alvinisms makes me wonder what will come for the next 500? I mean, there was a lot of memory lane photos in there so what's new to come? Ho hum, ho well. I guess I'll just "go as the wind blows" right? Thank you to all the friends who've stopped by, read continuously, randomly found this, or just know me. I appreciate ya'll and I hope these Alvinisms will continue to occupy 3 minutes of your life every week! Mwahaha! Peace. Love. Faith.

-Al-vin-ism of the Wildboyz and 101

Kimtan, Lai, and my birthday trip to Mammoth was fun times. We'll do it again this year, maybe Bear?

Shout out to Lizzy for making the Charger Girls! Love you mama!

I think this was at Heat, look at how hard I'm trying to blow into the damn machine!

I beat you by .01 Ollie!!! But that means I probably spent more money that night too...

Leo's last night here in SD before he left for the Air Force was spent playing video games and just good ol fashioned fun at Toe-Knee's pad. We're all proud of you man!

I love Pizza Port beer! Check out the jizz attached to Suze's mouth, just kidding its cheese.

One of the funnest preparties ever!!! Welcome back for a hot sec Vince!

This picture always makes me laugh.

So does this one. Don't ask what happened that night.

First dance class in like 2 years. Thanks Frees for encouraging me to get my dancing shoes back on.

Oh my, I forgot how funny this picture is and how much it resembles TK and Kimtan!

Birdhouse pro Brian Sumner and Birdhouse am Derek Burdette aka Ghost in the back.

Jojo and Lai are all smiles. Orries is all sniffs. What's up w/ people sniffing each other?

Do remember the fires? I sure do, my mom and I woke up late and this is what it looked outside. No joke, it was dark as fuck during the day time and thick as hell. Not the best of times.

The upside was that I got to spend a lot of time w/ my niece. We even got evacuated from their place so we had to move twice. It was a fun adventure for both of us gangstas.

This is my truck outside of my bro's house, it was caked w/ more ash later. Great for my filter charger huh.

After the fire storm, we found this giant tree that fell over from the wind. What you can't see is that it is laying on a car and completely demolished it.

Another plus of it all was that we didn't have work like the old days and we just chilled at TK's and had a good ol fashioned roast.

A few days later we scoped out some of the damage. This isn't even the worst of it. Imagine neighborhoods like this. Count your blessings.

Halloween 07 was drunken fun. Maybe 10 people knew who Edwin and I were but they really really loved it! If you don't know, you have to watch more Conan O Brien then. Sorry! IN THE YEAR 2000!

Fatch could tell the future and was Iron Man. Fred Dog is trying to predict the future of a black angel movie coming out!

Scary vampire and Optimus Prime breaking it down!?!

This is "Go", he's one of the coolest guys at Tajima.

Tailgating before football games is always fun. George and TK stop to pose for some photos.

I got stories about National City.

Working the shop for 8 years and running, I've had to do some weird things to skateboards.

Ah my lovely 42" TV, how I love you so, in my tiny room.

Orrie and Misa Campo and some chick who is scary to me.

My other niece Sammy is the best. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree cuz she likes to make a lot of faces!

More boarding at Mammoth, Steve 180 backside air.

Justin aka Dexter aka JC is my soulmate (no homo). Good luck on your hobo trip.

The Getty has a lot to offer and is dope period.

Just go there and find out why one day.

The Growing Place Montessori Xmas party was fun times. Teachers drink too!!! Check out these machines full of alcoholic slushies!!! Come on Mark we gotta kill it!

Random night at the Guild, definitely a classy joint.

I love fishing, this is the night Edwin and I went out to catch absolutely nothing except a game of chess.

My Best friend Elainne came back from Japan right before my birthday w/ a shitload of goodies for me. Thank you Best!

What was supposed to be fight night turned into a chess tournament w/ a bunch of the friends. Can we start putting money on these?

Erwin aka Ermot stretching it out before the second day of boarding.

How do kids skate in such tight clothes? It sure doesn't work for me cuz I have a huge head.

U-31 ended up w/ all of us being "adiosed!"

TJ thought he do 100 push ups straight, even w/ the motivation of Laguns he didn't do it.

When Jenny turned 25 she was just sitting at home doing nothing till I told her to go out and at least get a beer when it turns. Good times mama. Happy bday.

One of the best deli places in SD is 4.0 Deli by SDSU. Even though I didn't go here for college I sure am glad I go there for food!

Thanks to this little contraption, the six pack is no longer in the fridge. J/K

The day after St. Patty's day beers w/ the coworkers. Damn you girls!

Elephant Bar in RB will get you fucked up.

Best random Saturday ever!

The Al's just go w/ the wind.


Love my coworkers. Got yoga w/ Laurel (right) every Thursday!

April Fools Day joke on Ollie!

Handle it son! All by yourself!

Preparty at the Commissary San Diego.

Blackout in the neighborhood. This was a crazy story.

The day after TK fractured and rolled his ankles I don't know why Kimtan is holding him like this.

Study session at the PQ library w/ Suze. I spy new WBZ jackets.

I heart TM.

My little sister Kristine aka Wobz aka Kleng has the most awesome tattoo.

This was the crew back in the day. Glad we got together again for a shmancy dinner DT and random beers.

This is only one table of beer pong.

My former to-be roomie and Freezers.

Ross I adopt you.

Miramar Lake, the beginning of the 5 mile training runs.

These chicks...wait dudes...wait chicks...wait dudes...

Hoey, Steve and Fatcho holding it down. I'm sleepy, its 1:50 and I got work.

TK's wardrobe is the shop...actually many of ours is the shop.

Lucha Libre and the Al's makes for a good time.

Every face tells a different story.

Too tired to make witty comments. Fun Wednesday. Thanks Gelly.

Gemma is a high school sweetheart.

You two are crazy. Lets go run and then watch a movie and Pizza Port instead of finding me.
Drunk ass roller coaster.

Happy bday to the Hater and the Golden Retriever.

Still counting.

101 for life. I sewed all my whole outfit from my tie, my cuffs, but not my shoes.

Looking back I have a hundred Adult Emporium pics and more to add in the next few Alvinisms too!

Who's got the ill shit!

Gelly you're still one of the downest girls I know. 2-2 yeah? 3 matches the next time.

Kids are funny.
Read this story in one of my Alvinisms, its crazy.
Old man rollerblading in the rain.

Yes, I still am going to Egypt. So are a few friends of mine. We're shooting for Dec. so holla if you seriously wanna make the trip of a lifetime. Thank you 500. I'm so sleepy I don't even know what Im typing anymore. Coors Wednesday. Time to shower w/ the lights off right Ro? Gelly holds her own. Tim and I are on another level. Ian sponsored me. New friends. Hump day couldn't be better. To 500 more Alvinisms!

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