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Alvinisms 500 Part 1/3

"A laugh is a smile that bursts."

-Mary H. Waldrip

"Love is big word. It really should have more letters."

-Kobi Yamata

Did you know: The dot over the letter 'i' is called a tittle.

Thought of the day: Dang, I've been looking from the beginning of my Alvinisms at how they've changed and what I used to write and the pictures I'd put up. One thing that's for sure is that they used to be pretty emo and deep but as more people would catch on and read they became a sort of update of life and my thoughts of it. Another is that there are a lot more drunk pictures now! Ha!

Anyhow, I put pictures that you can't see on my Myspace so it doesn't repeat. The pictures are in random order but all come from the first third of Alvinisms. Hope you enjoy the trip of my life in the past like 3 years. And thank you for taking the time to read and look at my Alvinisms. And thank you for just being my friends. Peace. Love. Faith.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz and 101

Two different times, two different trips to Japan.

Ambassadors of Body Rock can fly. Look at Kimtan in the back.

I had to put this picture in. Thanks mom for the matching flannel overall shorts...and boots. Who wears that!?! Really!?!

I think this was a Labor Day party at Willy's house. Some of us chilled in the shade, some were eating inside, some were skating the ramp. But we all had a good time.

Castles are so cool for some reason.

The boys of 101. Leo, James, Alvin, and Mark aka Leonards, The Bboy Show, Alvinism, and Chachee. Some of the best roommates ever! Why was I wearing that?

I spy two WBZ all over prints. WBZ x Mavyn.

AE Creative, Victory, The Growing Place, and The Air Force. We're all grown up now!

Jay, Gina, and Mike posing for a magazine or something.

Ha! This picture was at that random night at Harrah's Casino. Look at the intensity in their faces!

Alvinism teaching class at "Under The Bridge" Dance Studio. Love love love dancing.

Oh my old schoolness! Watch out, cuz I got a grip more but am too lazy to find them and scan them. Ha!

This is the Floating Gardens in Osaka, Japan. That escalator takes you up like 15-20 stories over nothing! Sugoi!

Kodak, I love you and miss you.

New Years Eve at Park Village w/ a bottle of Remy. This is the night George and I baptized Edwin. I spy Neill and a baby Jojo!

TJ looks tired after airbands. That outift looks familiar.

Jenny and I in Vegas!!! From Mesa Verde to Fullerton, you're always one of my bests.

Fatch caught a fish w/ my niece's rod, ha! I spy the honorable Zulu Nation, respect and represent.

Robyn, Ellen, and Eddie and I used to feed to homeless on New Year's Day. What a good way to start the year. How did I start mine in 2008?...oh yeah, fishing.

Fore!!! The annual Santos Annversary Party is always the Party Of The Year! Orrie, Lai, Cile, and I posing it up for some fun!

Lai and I at a Padre game. What am I looking at?

I love Reinah, she's the future of the WBZ as you can see.

Reinah and Sammy are already dancing like their Uncle! Cute-o!!!

One day I was extremely sick and had the runs. Here I am squeezing it out on the toilet.

Labor day pics all the way down here? This is Justin and Christian. Justin is my Soul Mate (no homo) and Christian is family. This picture is old! Dex (Justin) look at your hair man!

Willy kickin it Judo air style.

The Colonel aka Ghost aka Aric from the Shop watches Naruto too.

Nolan has grown up! Nice kickflip on the bank little brother. You're hair still makes you look like Jennifer Aniston.

Too many damn pictures from Vegas so I won't post them all up. But here, watch the video below for the memories if you want.

The teaser.

The full version.

TK isn't the only one crutches. I was on them for a whole month too. Skating finally caught up to me.

The Grand Canyon is....GRAND!

Fun road trip w/ Cile, Sue Sue, and Lai.

Lai and I are birth buddies. Both born in Subic Bay, Philippines 4 days apart. I wonder what would've happened if I wasn't premature. LOVE YOU BEST!

WBZ Runner Ups. This year we're doing a different league and we're stacked.

TJ Tacos are the best. Then dancing. Then walking across the bridge. Chicle! Chicle!

Yes Fatch.

Me and Vince's going away party. I love that picture.

Special Ed sure is special.

TJ and Ronnie. I bet you're wondering why they're wearing costumes or just doing what they are doing.

Leo was so excited he splashed hot sauce in his eyes and got FUCKED up! haha! Look at Frees and MC in the back. Ha!

KJ is from National City too, this is his 3rd grade picture when I was in second! Ha!

TK in Vegas was a hot mess.

The release of the very first Local Hero. Well done Eddie. Well done.

Mavyn performing in Bakersfield, this was a fun trip and party at the pad yo! What am I saying in this picture!?!


I told you we love Tijuana. Allan's hair is hella long!

Some of the guys at Vince and I's going away party. Tucking your shirt into your shorts and underwear is the new look. Check out the meat on those hams! Sugoi!

Fatch was so faded this game he fell asleep at half time.

Nick, Ben and I at our favorite bar Giallo owned by...

Yuki and Ayumi, the coolest Japanese people in Japan!

This was Vince and my training group. Once we were done we celebrated with...of course! More beer!

Vince and I's drink of choice were Chu-Hi's. High alcohol content and pretty cheap and tasty.

This is where the biggest Buddha is. I'm not buddhist but it's pretty gnarly. Imagine that building in the back is a box for it because the figure fills the whole building. Oh and I framed Vince in there too.

This is the best vending machine in the world! Check out the size of the one on the bottom left!

The train station in Kyoto is pretty gnarly.

Kinkakuji (sp?) aka the Golden Temple

My school was inside a mall so when I had free time I'd either chat online, eat, or shop around.

Every weekend I'd go through Namba and the Dotombori River, this is what I saw.

You can't even begin to imagine how huge this thing was.

Same w/ these. The span on them are over 5-6 feet!

This place is one of the best Mexican food joints, real talk. Since Japanese people don't each much Mex, they really put their time and effort in the places that sell it.

This is store w/ levels of random stuff. This was like the prop level. Vince is demonstrating the use a brick.


This monkey can't see his own feet. Oh yeah, they have parks there w/ monkeys in the middle of the park.

One random night where Chris passed out drunk in front of TK's place.

Indoor soccer in Japan.

Nick, Alfred, Alvinism, Vince and Maribel are good times in Japan.

The red leaves are amazing in Nara in the fall.

Another shot of the floating gardens.

This is inside the escalator in the floating gardens. Check out the Hanshin Tigers hat. Can't find that at your local Lids.

Eddie and Al in preschool. Best friends forever.

Everyone's face tells a different story.

First Tijuana trip ended in full bellies and 3 luchador masks and in Studio FX

Watch this movie.

Oh my look at the old setup at Willys Workshop.

Click to enlarge and read the comic.
After TK got his wisdom teeth taken out he looked like a puffer fish. You look like Mii!

In Fullerton Danny and I took care of his nephew, Gemini. He was soo nice. Check out the snakeskin Adidas.

We always match somehow. Once a bboy, always a bboy.

This work is classic. Good way to end the first of the recap of 500 Alvinisms.

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