Thursday, May 01, 2008

Alvinisms 498

"Sometimes it's hard to avoid the happiness of others."

-David Assael (I know I used it yesterday but this quote is too dope)

Did you know: Baby robins eat 14 feet of earthworms every day.

Thought of the day: YOGA!?! Somehow my philosophy of "go as the wind blows" has blown me into a yoga class w/ my uber funny coworker Laurel. Most of you know me as the happy go-lucky, optimistic, do anything guy but know that I do have my limits. Well, this sure ain't one of them! It was a funny experience but I really just said, "eff it" and go into it. When I thought it was only like 15-20 minutes into it the instructor said, "and we'll do 5 more deep breathes to wrap it up" and I was like "Holy crap! It's been an hour already! To make a long story short, it was a fun and good experience and I look forward to next week! Thanks Laurel!

Man, I truly am going w/ my motto because Thursday night ended being a wild one.

Peace. Love. Faith.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

This is the flyer for the class that Frees and I took on Sunday. We were supposed to get out early to watch Baby Mama w/ JR, JR, Cile, Gelly, Frees, Will, Shals, and I but the class ended up getting out over an hour later. It's all good things worked out fine.

See!!! Afterwards, since we didn't catch the movie we (the Al's and Ed) decided to go eat. Well, most of you would think we'd make on some Tajima but we hit up a new place called Chopstix instead. This is my nabeyaki udon meal, it came w/ 2 shrimp tempura (Rochelle is gonna be jealous).

I forgot what the names of our meals were but they were all pretty dank and extremely large servings. Their happy hour there is awesome as well.

Frees likes her food super spicy! Too maats on the veggies ma?

The funny part is that well ordered separate orders of Crunchy Rolls and we killed them all. I was so thirsty still after class that I drank like 3 glasses of water there, 2 bottles at home, 1 in the class, and one in the car. (Hydration right Buns?)

This is an ad of Willy in the new Vapors magazine. It's fuckin sick except they spelled his name wrong. What the!?! Come on now!!! How long has he been riding for ya'll! Sheesh!

Wednesday after work Fatcho and I went to his house to watch the NBA playoffs and mack on some food. His mom makes the best pot roast.

His weiner dog, Magoo, even watches TV. He can even tuck himself in at night. It's uber weird.

Ummm...yeah, I eat a lot. After an hour we ate more ground beef and cream of mushroom and topped it off w/ Reese's peanut butter cup. Needless to say, when I got home I ran for 4 miles before I slept. Not nearly enough though.

We all had a staring contest for 5 minutes. But I bet you took a long glance at Magoo's elephantitis nuts!!!! Hahaha! I bet you looked again!!!

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