Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Alvinsims 474

The Workshop sponsored this place and event so come out and support the shop and the place. It's local, its really good food, there's gonna be good friends, and we can drink more down the street!
The food is really good! I tried a pizza and a desert and it was not you're Dominoes or BJ's or New York style stuff. I'm banking that everything here is gonna be dank. Shit, I'm hungreee. Better sleep.

"Dig the well before you are thirsty."

-Chinese Proverb

Did you know: The Precambrian Era received its name from rocks fon in Wales. In ancient times, Wales was known as Cambria. Precambrian thus means "before Wales". (My 1st grade kids are geniuses)

Thought of the day: Oh my God I totally forgot that next week is SPRING BREAK! I get paid to sit back and relax. What to do? What to do? A fishing trip is a definite must. Maybe some Tajime. Perhaps a little 4.0 Deli. How but some beer at Pizza Port? New adventures are on the horizon and for sure great friends, lots of laughs, wonderful memories......but first I gotta get through this week. It's already on it's way to hump day so it looks like things are gonna be A-OK suckas! See you at the beach or on the dock!

I think someone was trying to April Fools me by blowing my my counter on my Alvinisms but it shows if someone is consistently hitting from the same location so I just ignored the crazy number of hits and looked at a different number. Peace. Love. Faith.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz and 101

Now I always put videos on here and not sure if you watch them. But this one is for sure amazing. It's so cool and I dunno how to describe it. I want a lion!

Frees and I had to Macgyver our April Fools Joke for Ollie.

It took 3 or 4 different ways to configure it until we found a way that worked.

Frees doing the deed. Mwahaha. Pranksters 4 life.

The new setup.

Oh look an unsuspecting victim!

There it goes! Mwahahaha! (I really am laughing cuz Frees is acting like she didn't know it was there. Hahaha!)

You can still see some shards falling down. The funny part is that it bonked her on the head. (I still am laughing cuz it bonked her on the head! Ha!)

I owe half my knowledge to MacGyver and Mr. Wizard. Really.
The boards before.

Board wall after.

We also did the shoes. Ha! Poor Ollie had to do it all over by himself the next morning. April Fools!

The return of the helmets since the bumblebee outfits!

But since I worked the afternoon shift, he got me back my sticking flyers in my car and removing my wipers. (The clip came off and gave us a hell of a time putting it back on!)

I like the shopping cart in the back. Maybe I should've taken it home and we could roll down Donaker on it. Oh well.

Killa Bees and Ballers R' Us game later that night. Frees and Fatch are on the prowl.

They look like a two-headed monster w/ one body!

Kimtan hit the deck maybe 4-5 times that game. But on the last one he smashed his face against the ground. The ground fought back and won.

It may not look huge but it was pretty deep and I couldn't get a good shot. I didn't want to have him bleed while I try to get a good shot, not a very homie thing to do. Kimtan made it to hospital w/ Eddie and didn't have to get stitches, just dermabond. The funny thing is he texted us that he got a "tenacious" shot when he meant "tetanus". Glad you're all right buds.

Frees, Cile, Ollie and I met at Subway for a late din din after the game. If you haven't heard, Subway has all footlongs for $5 and I've eaten there for the past 4 days. I eaten the Prime Rib, Chicken and Bacon, Italian BMT, and Sub Club. I'm gonna eat the other half for lunch tomorrow.

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