Sunday, March 30, 2008

Alvinisms 473

"The world always looks brighter from behind a smile."


Did you know: 160 cars can drive side by side on the Monumental Axis in Brazil, the world's widest road.

Thought of the day: Okay, so here are the pictures from Saturday and a Cliff Note version of the day:

-Alvin sandwich
-Nice, quick read in the sun
-La Jolla shores
-Ping pong (35)
-Sun comes out
-Date spot
-Ruined sand castle
-Blink blink
-Mt. Soledad
-Baseball player
-Ball down the mountain
-Big house
-National City tour
-Bars on a garage?
-Horror stories
-Hole in the wall
-3 bottles of Soju
-Cheers to the KARAAGE HOKAGES!
-Conchings? Tocino?
-Quick break
-Future plans w/ Costco buddy
-Meet up and 4 Fat tires
-Sample beers
-Lost 6'4" white brother
-Flannels and fidoras
-Ice Cream
-Giant onion rings
-Intense talk
-Beer in my pocket
-Old friends

I pretty sure I'm leaving out some details that make me happy but that's what's so awesome. One day someone will remind me of the moments that make us happy and it'll twice as good to remember them. What a day. Peace. Love. Faith.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Wake up and shower for a Fuddruckers brunch. That's how everyday should start. And an everything bagel w/ cream cheese...and apple juice. Kimtan and I didn't get the memo it was white tee day.

We went to La Jolla shores for shits and giggles. We got a big giggle out of this picture. Who does that!?!

We didn't eat here but this recipe caught my attention. Bacon, avocado, tomato, mayo, and ciabatta.

We found a place that was cool and chose to walk through it. Lo and behold there are free ping pong tables! Game on! We stay in Room 116.

The poor man's fisheye. I was talking to Allan cuz he finally met up w/ us.

It looked like we'd drive right into the ocean.

Not only did the sun come out for us while we were there, so did the little sailboat. Cute-O!
I like non-crowded beaches.

Meet "The Als" Alvinism, Allan, and Althea. Or you can call us the "Karaage Hokages!"

No I will not go in there!

You do it! (w/ a smile. Ha!)

Some people drew or carved out funny things here.

Look! We're eyeballs. We even made a nose and smiley face! Blink blink!

It looks like you're flying on a penis Frees. Weird.

Allan took the time to take it in. So did I, but you won't see me emo cuz I have the camera! Mwahaha.

This is Allan saying, "Yep, you caught in my moment of enlightenment."

All I could think about was, "I don't think I'm good enough to surf here because I might get ripped by the reef. Back to Del Mar I guess!"

I told Frees to hold her pose but didn't tell her I took the picture so she sat there for a while like this. Ha!

Thank you for shining some light, just enough for us to enjoy it.

From the coast, to the top. Can you spy Black Mountain in the distance?

We played soccer for like fifteen minutes until Allan booted it over the fence and down the hill.

Lucky him it didn't go all the way down to like the freeway.

You got a workout son!

The great thing about Korean BBQ is the tons of sides that you don't know what they are but they all taste good. Oh and the free bottle Soju!

3 kinds of meat sounds okay to me!

Next to the alcohol and the meat, this was my favorite. I love boiled peanuts so it was already dank. Then they had this like sweet glaze on them. Oh, I miss it.

I was too into the food and forgot to take any pictures of it. This is bad because it's night time and I'm making myself hungreeee w/ these pictures.

They brought out soup at the end. It was like miso flavor w/ tofu, some veggies and other yummy things. Now that I think of it, I probably couldn't name half the things on the table.

Big smiles and full tummies all around!

Not sure what we were eating but it was really thin. Like skin. Hence, me peeling it off my arm.

I even licked up all the glaze on the peanuts. I told you I really liked it.

Three bottles later we were all bouncing and happy. Sorry I didn't take pictures of the whole day, but you don't to see pictures of where people died or where I got jumped in 2nd grade would you? WOULD YOU!?! J/K

Random day ends w/ big smiles and Allan dreaming of bugolgi. Bring on the night.

I took care of Jojobean, Boy George, The Prince, and myself before we hit up Stone Brewery.

Met up w/ some more girlies before we entered.

This is Drew, could you tell we were separated at birth? Yup, brothers for sure!

All my coworkers are pretty much girls. Introducing: Juli, Christine, Emily, and Laurel. I miss my 30 minutes everyday w/ all of you!

You know you're in America if the onion rings are the size of donuts. We are an obese country.

Birthday boys Joe and Ren.
Refering to the last blog, ahem I mean Alvinism. Suze got a taste of the chokehold smile.

Juli, how'd you do that!!! (She poured a little beer in my pockets earlier.) Ha! It's all good mama.

Wait? Is that my hat?

Wait. Is that you're hat? Ho well.

Steven insisted on buying me a drink before I go. Thanks buddy. I owe you a real drink where we get to talk over beer. That's Michelle in the back. Look forward to seeing ya'll later.

That concludes my random day. Sorry you couldn't see all of it but you can experience it! Holla at yo boy if you wanna ill in San Diego! Peace. Love. Faith.

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