Sunday, April 20, 2008

Alvinisms 490

"Pay attention to your dreams - God's angels often speak directly to our hearts when we are asleep."

-Elias Freeman

Did you know: A giraffe can clean its ears with its 21-inch tongue.

Thought of the day: Hmmm. Going off the quote of the day I don't know what some of my dreams mean. I had this one dream about killing a mountain lion when I was hiking in Murrieta it was so awesome cuz I was defending the Murrtown crew (Frees and the twinsies, Mel and Bonnie) and I managed to stab it in the throat, but it came back and I took a big stick and propped it on the ground. When the lion tried to jump on me the stick went straight through it's chest and the threat was averted. The weird part is that when we went back to civilization I got in trouble by all these animal activists! I was like, "What was I supposed to do!?!" Anyhow, I didn't mean to actually tell the story but you got it anyway. Enough useless banter.

Saturday was a lot driving. Congratulations to Jeanine aka Mrs. Greene on your new house! Then it was back to Mira Mesa to meet up w/ JR and then off the Cin Cin in Poway for Cin Cin Saturdays w/ Willys Workshop. Good times and then it was off to La Jolla for Prospect Bar & Lounge, drunk times, then off to Clairemont for Tajima! By now I'm dead and I don't even wanna drive home so I crash at JR's. Dunzos. You've read too much, go look at pictures. Peace. Love. Faith.

I have itch to dance or at least take a class from Studio FX.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz and 101

I have no pictures of Cin Cin except this fancy shmancy sink in their bathrooms. Who has a glass bowl and rocks for a sink!?!

Fatcho, Ojizzle, Michelle, and I have arrived at Prospect after shooting vodka and Red Stripe in the car.

Head butt to the butt!

Bboy JRazcal, Rhoda, TJ, and MC enjoying bottle service and good company.

I didn't realize that Rhoda took my hat. This was the last I saw of it for the night. See you tomorrow to buy the black one and return mine!

This is Fatch saying, "The man Mr. Hoey is here." But look at the expression on Ian's face! Ha!

I don't know what to call that face TJ but its funny and nice in a non-gay way.

Even though TK is sitting down he's still about as tall as me. Damn you giants!

The damage. It looks like TT is sticking out the cast.

Fredo (Urban FX) and TK. TK's face and finger pointing says, "Hi guys this is Fredo, I'm trying to hold his hand."

April, Ollie, and Rhoda, still w/ the hat. She couldn't take it off or else she'd have hat hair. That's the benefit of being bald!

Even Michelle and Ojay were sip sip sippin on the vods.

"Fredo be nice!" said Josephine.

"We're all quietly enjoying a subtle buzz!" said Alvin

I'm pointing like TK, but my face says, "one of my eyes are getting lazy."

This is Andrew or Drew or TK's little brother. He's been a little brother to me too for over 12 years, half your life bro!!!

Anaconda squeeze the leg.

Ian, Steve and Fa...oh wait, what the Michelle!

Look out for Hoey's new stuff coming out!

Once a bboy, always a bboy. I bet you don't know this, and Fatch might not admit to it. But there was an online pole of the best bboys of North and South San Diego and our very own Bboy JRazcal showed up on some of the entries. We gotta session again sometime broskee.

Ha, you can tell Steve is sooo much taller than Fatch!

Gang signs everywhere! Happy birthday Drew!

April points at me, MC points at JRaz.

Rogene of curiculum online magazine in the hizzouse! Judging by the angle and position, I might be sitting on your lap. No homo.

Gotcha sucka!!! If you look closely you can see the stream of piss! Gross! You probably did!

Awww shit. We cut out the club early to get some dankage at Tajima. Hello Karaage, you are the love of my life.

And my ramen w/ an extra egg. God bless the Japanese. How many pictures of Tajima food have I posted, dang!

BTW, my friend Delmo told me of this place that serves Mexican food but the servers are geared up as luchadors and they sell TJ tacos and LA dirty dogs. Holla if you wanna get fat w/ me!

And the tradition of the Adult Emporium picture after Tajima continues. We met up w/ Mary and Alia (sp?) who were at Mik Sok Chon, just for this picture.

I have no idea what's going on in this picture but it wraps up a pretty fun night. Thanks friends.

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