Sunday, April 20, 2008

Alvinisms 489

"He that would be a leader must be a bridge."

-Welsh Proverb

Did you know: A hedgehog's heart beats 300 times a minute on average.

Thought of the day: Its been an adventure in Alvinland. Friday day was spent running a million errands and after last week's spring break and then having to go back to work I felt like I needed to release some whatever so I chose to go to Decos. Lots of vodka was involved and somehow I ended up outside the club roaming the streets of downtown alone trying to find Rhoda and Jojobean. What the!?!

Random thought of the day: I've been thinking, what if we all woke up and smiled at the first person you see other than yourself, how would that change the world? Peace. Love. Faith.

Come visit us at the Mira Mesa Willys Workshop if you wanna meet some of the DC team. You can see the pros who are gonna be there on the flyer. Skateboarding is fun.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz and 101

Jojo on the left, Rhods on the right, and Jenny on the bottom. This picture took 5 minutes and a lot tries. But subliminally we took the picture w/ the alcohol right in the middle.

Who's angry in the back!?! Rhods you? Jojo is all smiles and Tristan is still sleeping.

The trio definitely do some damage at Decos. That's alliteration for yah!!!

Oh my its Rachel from Brown Sugar! Ha! Maybe like 7 people know about the Der Dow Kids and Browwwwwwwn Sugar! Ha! Old school!

TK is one of the select few that know or actually was a Der Dow Kid!

Kim has always been sweet since high school. Haven't seen her in over 6 years! Nize!

And yes, Jenny is now Italian.

Tristan is one happy boyeee!!!


Hi girlies!

Oh no. And Josephine what is that!?!

Nice unibrow Kim! And Jenny that is the most massive mustache man! Alliteration strikes again!

Fake asian girl smiles!!! Oh wait, that's me!

Vanessa (Urban FX). I always have an itch to dance w/ your team!

Darling Darlene from high school. What kind of reunion is this!?! So many old faces were out that night that. It's always nice to catch up. Good times.

And of course, you can't end the night w/out going to Alvaros, unless you leave early enough to hit up Tajima before it gets crowded. One time we drove to Alvaros and no one wanted to eat, it was just habit to go there. Ha!

Franco and I played varsity football for MCHS when we were a Division 1 school. See! My shirt isn't just a plain grey tee, you can't see the bottom!

TK doesn't remember much of the night either.

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