Sunday, March 30, 2008

Alvinisms 472

"Politeness and consideration for others is like investing pennies and getting dollars back."

-Thomas Sowell

Did you know: A giraffe can clean its ears with its 21-inch tongue.

Thought of the day: This has honestly been on of my most random and memorable weekends. I didn't spend a billion bucks or fly out anywhere exotic. But I spent it w/ the people I love, met some new friends, saw some new sights, prayed w/ my mom, did some old things, rolled my ankle, and just completely loved it. I'll let the pictures do the talking. There are a lot of them so Alvinism 472 is just Friday. Enjoy my friends. Peace. Love. Faith.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

It looks like we're in a club, but! We are actually all in TK's room and there were more of us that couldn't fit in the picture.

One of the funnest preparties ever.

Like a can of sardines...drunk sardines. I spy Suze aka Camera Whore posing all the way in the back! Dang!

Camera Whores come in pairs!

Black Mountain reunion in the hizzouse!
I've never been in a bed w/ so many dudes before.

Best friends since preschool.

I see this sign every time I go downtown say to myself, "Yes we do!!!"
Its funny that April is bending down to my level. I was so wasted by the end of the night I had a conversation w/ her feet.

Sheryl is fun times, I've always known her in Fullerton but never really got to know her. Well, now I do! Hiya mama!
I alwasy

Ladies love hamsters. Hamsters w/ flannels and small beanies.

Oh what!?! Is that a Nick Roth sighting! Homie is still the nice guy.

White boy number 2, Willys Workshop rider, Andrew Sprigle.

Ladies love him too.

I love my random birthday partnah! Jenny and I always take good pictures. Not saying this is a good one but I like it cuz we're both really happy!

I call this the chokehold smile.

TK's thing is to have the girls be the bartender for the first round. This is Sheryl's turn.

When I first saw this picture I thought TK was wearing a hat.

What the eff is Jenny doing? Voguing I'm guessing. Sheryl loves it! Ha!

One picture and five different expressions.

I wanna know what Jenny is saying saying right now.
Have you ever seen a drunk Hamster?

Ladies love the camera.

Break it down Als. Oh what? Save you!?!

It looks like Steve and George are mad at each other and Jojobean is being the peacemaker.

Nice smiles all around.

What pose is that Jenny!?! Haha.

Kimtan are dancing w/ Edwin?

Vince's turn to break it down. What you starin at Vince?

I wanna know what was in that picture! Ha! Look at your expression!
I love all the Als. This Al and I go back to Fulltown days, ever since I lived at 101. Somewhere after the club though I rolled my ankle and had to be seated the whole time at Alvaros. Thanks for sharing your carne asada fries mama.

Wanna see a dead body?

What you don't see is that it took them 6 tries to get this shot. Really guys!?! Six times!?! Ha!

Vince and Jenny are neighbors. They live like 3 houses away. Reunited my friends.

Kimtan and Khai, the Viet mafia. Khai was one of the dopest skaters, mad tricks and hella style. Guess who taught him how...You guessed it! Yours truly. (toot toot!)

One of the best things of Alvaro's is running into random old friends. Holly, Rose's lil sis, is all grown up. I don't remember much else from the night cuz I pretty much blacked out. You know I'm blacked out because I start breakdancing. Right TJ!?!

Sorry, I had to add this. Kimtan just sent me a link to an article from the San Diego Times. It was disturbing because we all went to this school and and even if it is a joke, it's not very funny. It reads:

Black Mountain Middle School in Rancho Peñasquitos will receive extra police protection on Monday because of a threatening message found on the campus.

A spokeswoman for the Poway Unified School District said a custodian found a message on Friday on a bathroom wall at the school that read “Going to kill you all 3/31.”

Sharon Raffer, spokeswoman for Poway Unified, said the bathroom was closed immediately and police were notified. She said Principal David Hall sent out a message – by phone and e-mail – Friday to notify parents of the incident and list the precautions that the district was taking, such as having more district security employees on campus.

Students who have information regarding the incident can contact staff or call a Poway Unified hotline: (858) 668-4161.

San Diego police Sgt. David Jennings said Lt. Rick O'Hanlon, who has been apprised of the situation, has planned for officers to show up at Black Mountain as early as 6 a.m.

The campus, which is within San Diego city limits, is located at 9353 Oviedo St., off Black Mountain Road. It serves about 1,300 students in the sixth through eighth grades.

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