Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Alvinisms 468

"The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience."

-Eleanor Roosevelt

Did you know: Venus is the only planet that rotates clockwise.

Thought of the day: Life can be tough sometimes and I hate to see my friend's hit some lows. Just wanted to say "I love you" to all my friends who've seen the bottom or felt the bottom and remind them that from there the only thing left is to look up and to climb farther and for the best. My ading once told me, "turn your face to the sun and your shadows will fall behind you." Thanks Kleng aka Wobz aka Kristine, that one helped me a lot too. Last paragraph gives a synopsis of what made Wednesday sooo random.

Bummer status because I thought Wednesday my class had a field trip to the flower fields in Carlsbad, but it turns out that it is Thursday so I was all psyched and prepared. Lo and behold it didn't happen. But it's okay though cuz that means Thursday is gonna be better and it's closer to Friday and I don't work at the shop afterwards so I'm chill...AND I'M GOING TO TAJIMA!...AGAIN!

Yes, I said again cuz Wednesday I ate there w/ Ernesto (Lai's bro) and it was his first time. It was the regular for me and Chicken Teriyaki for him. If you wanna join Frees (Althea), Snooze (Suzette), Lance Armstrong (Allan), Nesto (Ernesto), and Alvinism (Alvin) holla at yo boy!

It begins w/ the no field trip, cleaning w/ the kids aka no work, work, heart to heart, Tajima w/ Ernesto (he's never eaten here, let alone just me and him), drive home to number 1870 of 4870 of my shuffle and my quest to listen to all of my songs on my iPod, talk w/ a friend, drive back to Mira Mesa Applebee's, buy lip balm at Ralphs, run into Jenny and Suze (Suze has no ID, Jenny's is expired) I have to buy the Jack at Ralphs, drinking in the parking lot, OG WGZ, Simple's "Asian Girl", hugs galore, more drinking in the parking lot, good times, drunk, illin w/ the boyz, free car wash, reverse, free car wash, reverse, try again, fuck it. talk to Kimtan, talk to parents, buzzed bloggin. Not sure what I'm writing anymore, just wanna post then sleep. Peace. Love. Faith.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz and 101

I officially make the best grilled cheese sandwich of all time. Come on, even if you're lactose intolerant, you'd take a bite out of this beauty.

I have the lip balm in my hand. What you don't see is the Jack Daniels and the Coke in their hands. Suze = no ID. Jenny = Expired. Alvin = wrong address. Solution...I buy the shit but I get to drink shots of Jack and end up randomly drunk!!! All I wanted was Chapstick!

Rose, Ellen, and Nessa, I love these girls so much. If you're reading this, guess what....haha. l love you so much! Hahaha!

Ellen is one of the dopest people I know, she's cool, down to Earth, fun, and I'm so happy that I've she's one of my best friends. Over 12 years of memories w/ this chick! I mems your 8th grade airbands...Sesame Street sucka! I have video? I guess you'll never know! I got hella shit on peeps!

This is TJ's tattoo. What you don't know is that it once was a Jesus fish the size of a quarter and we all made fun of him. Hahahaha! He changed it and now it looks normal and cool. Can you spy the baby fish?

TJ has another tattoo but no one knows it. Even less people know the what it is. And even less people know the real reason behind it. I know it all. I told you I know some shit. This is funny. TJ, you're the easiest target.

My exroommates. One from Fullerton and one from Japan. And the guy in the back is just some weird tattoo guy.

No, you are not on acid. I got a carwash for free and this is what it looked like.
And yes, I took a picture (and some video) of the carwash. I was jacked and was killing time what else would I have done. Thanks friends. I love all my friends.

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