Saturday, March 22, 2008

Alvinisms 465

"Men are not punished for their sins, but by them. "

-Elbert Hubbard

"The cyclone derives its powers from a calm center. So does a person."

-Norman Vincent Peale (I had to do this one again because I think it's so sick!")

Did you know: During his or her lifetime, the average human will grow 590 miles of hair.

Thought of the day: Happy Easter my friends. I hope you were able to spend the time w/ friends, family, and loved ones.

Lots of things going on in the world today and I just don't have the time or want to give the effort to explain the things going on in my own little microcosm, but. This weekend was in two words: random and fun. I don't have any pictures from Saturday night but you can check out TK's blog and he might have some

Just in case you wanted to know, I am the first seed in all of my fantasy basketball leagues. Who needs a great jumper when you can run a whole team from your computer! I'm the, no I'm not.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz and 101

My boy Leo just graduated from the Air Force and he also bought a new Macbook so I can chat w/ this fool halfway across the US! Hell yeah dude! Even if he did lose weight in bootcamp, his nose is still the same size. Ha! J/K homie.

This camera from Sony has 25 megapixels! I think you'll be able to see the molecules that build up your subject. 25! That's bananas.

Yes! The Lasonic ghetto blaster is finally out again! It's already sold out! DAMN! Its $200 but totally worth it. Credit card time.

This movie may look ridiculous but! It has zombies. It has strippers. It has zombie strippers!!! See you at Blockbuster!

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