Saturday, March 22, 2008

Alvinisms 464

"The cyclone derives its powers from a calm center. So does a person."

-Norman Vincent Peale

Did you know: Turtles can breathe through their butts.

Thought of the day: Chill Friday. Toe-Knee and I were supposed to go to the gym but he got lazy so I ended up reformatting my computer and making things right again. It's so nice to have my computer the way I like it again.

So while TK was sleeping and I was waiting for my ish to install, I went for jog. It was funny to run through the old neighborhood again, especially running past my old house.

Afterwards I had dinner w/ some more friends: TK, George, Cecile, and Kimtan and Daphnes to chomp some Greek cuisine. Fun times w/ more random groups of people! Love it!

Then, met up w/ Willy, Shalihe, Fatch, Rolondo, and Ollie at Cin Cin. Apparently, we at Willys Workshop officially sponsor Cin Cin in Poway so go and check out the live music and awesome pizza. Plus there is stocked bar! Yippee!

Fridays afterwards for some beer w/ JR, Ro, and Orrie. Oh man, Too mats! Peace. Love. Faith.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

This is a random photo that I came across and thought it was dope. If you don't know, I do actually like to fly kites. I've done it w/ my niece a bunch of times and have taught a bunch of people how to do it too. I think my affinity for kites came from my favorite movie Mary Poppins when they sing "Let's Go Fly A Kite."

Wednesday night random night, Suze, TK, Jojobean, Rhoda, Jenny and I hit up Pizza Port for some grease and beer! Yum!

I don't know what to call that face. The "bite your ear" face?

Suze likes the place!!! Yippee for random nights!

Is this the longest name for a store or what!?!

Now these shots are from Tajima, this is the Geso Karaage or fried squid. I'm beginning to like the slimy stuff.

This might scare some of you, its octopus wasabi. It's not as spicy as you may think. The texture is like boogers said Vince. But it was actually really good.

Grilled squid in some dank sauce makes it squish and squash in your mouth!

Ah my third favorite dish. Runner up only to Chicken Karaage and Ramen. The beef takaki is like sashimi but better! The ponzu sauce is amazing and the little bit of wasabi (but not the regular, its a little more mild and tastier) is perfect!

Eddie had some tuna takaki. It was very similar to the beef takaki to be honest. The only difference was that it broke down much easier when chewed. Like all fish duh!

And of course I had to include my Ultimate (yes it is deserving of a capital letter) The miso ramen w/ and extra egg. Who wants Tajima Saturday night w/ Alvinism!?! Holla atcha boy!

TJ ate the whole of chunk of wasabi. This is what he looked like afterwards. I wonder if his poo will turn green like mine (see previous Alvinism).

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