Monday, February 25, 2008

Alvinisms 444

"Laughter is the closest distance between two people."

-Victor Borge

Did you know: Wearing headphones for just an hour will increase the bacteria in your ear by 700 times.

Thought of the day: If you don't know who Victor Borge is, he's a comedian who played the piano as part of his act. Not only was he a musician he could bring out so much laughter w/ his music. He was an amazing guy.

RIP 2000 Victor Borge

I bet everyone here didn't even know I liked the guy! But moving on. Monday was a great day for me. Don't know about the rest of ya'll but Monday isn't really that bad cuz I'm pretty much still weekend mode. But Tuesday is a big slap in the face cuz we're not nearly halfway through the week, there is nothing special about it and its just day you have to go through.

Okay so on a whole different tip, yesterday Alvinisms got the most hits ever! Not gonna put a number on it, it was like 6, just kidding. But yeah, I checked it and was like "Holy Shmoly! Only a few more till I hit 100!" What a pleasant yet kinda creepy surprise. I know random people read this cuz sometimes I'll get a random comment but yeah; they're spending 5 minutes of theirs and your life on reading my jibber jabber! Yippeee!!!

Random thought of the day: Do cow's have breasts? If so? Are their teats not on their breasts? Do all breasts have nipples? Do whales have breasts? Is breast just an area? Is that were the mammary glands always are? I dunno, if you have any information it would be appreciated. This really was a random Alvinism. Peace. Love. Faith.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

10 tickets to watch Vantage Point Sunday night with: JR, KJ, TJ, MC, JR, Cile, Rolondo, Neill, Josephine, and myself. George, Ving, Krissy and Randy were also there. It was a pretty good movie. I think Forest Whitaker wins the award for Most Overactive.

This is my first time messing w/ my point and it's color accent ability. I know its lame but now that I also have my digital SLR I'll have more pictures.

So on Sunday I had my away message as "Feening for Tajima" and Mary (another Tajima afficiando) hit me up and told me she was down to meet and grab some awesome grub!!!

Still dicking around w/ the color accent feature on my point and shoot. This was at Niban w/ Preez Monday night. It turned out to be an awesome night, read on my friend and find out why.

No, not because we parked in front of the Hemmoroid Car Clinice but because we also bought some scratchers and guess what happened.

Bam motha fuckas!!! Not only did I win $25 on the first try, but I won all four times for a total of $60! Who wins 4 times!!! Oh yeah!!! Oh yeah!!! When I first won $25 I was "Oh hell yeah! I should stop or else it'll nullify it no?" But Preez said "No way! Keep going you can win more!" Lo and behold, I was scratching the ticket and my head on how I won. Thank you Preezy for the tickets.

-I'm good luck!

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Ronald Nazareno said...

congrats on winning 60 bucks! lol i know what you mean on random hits, i posted a pic of this one girl reon kadena and my hit count went up like crazy. it was nice seeing you on friday!