Saturday, February 23, 2008

Alvinisms 442

"We invented cool...I'm from the 60's."

-Some lady at the shop

Did you know: The idea of something being "Cool" apparently started in the 60s.

Thought of the day: Chad, Shalihe and I had the wackiest day at the shop today. Literally 20 minutes straight of head-nodding, "uh huh"ing and trying to avoid eye contact. This lady went off on us and gave us an earful about how the industry and how its the pro skaters fault why the kids aren't wearing helmets. Apparently skateboarding, football, and motorcycling are in the same genre and to hear every angle of it. She also told us how wild she used to be and that she grew up w/ drugs. It was hilarious, frustrating, maybe a little annoying, and wacky. You had to be there.

My great weekend and beginning to a new beginning was put on pause cuz a few of my best friends in the whole world got in an accident and one of them is hopitalized. So right now while I'm finding my smile I'm sending my love and prayers to them, their families, and our whole circle of friends. I love you guys and I'm glad ya'll are alive. One of my mottos in life are: Live. Love. Learn.

Living is something I'm doing right now and you've got to always appreciate life. Even in times of sadness you've got to see that life is fucking beautiful and you can't waste it. Living is right now.

Loving is something we need to do to everyone, to everything, all the time. You all know I'm full of love and I give love all the time and thank you for showing that same feeling back.

Learning is something we know and still can learn to do. I thought I knew everything about gaining knowledge, information and wisdom; but that was me being naive. Sometimes you've gotta step back see what's really going on. Sometimes you've gotta step up and take a good look.

God bless.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz and 101

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