Friday, January 18, 2008

Alvinisms 414

This may not be big news to a lot of people but it is really big news for me. Bobby Fischer has died at the age of 64 in Iceland. I've read two books on the guy and own two copies of Searching For Bobby Fischer.

I never idolized him or anything because of his anti-American and anti-semitist views, his remarks after Sept. 11 and other not so positive attributes, but I did respect his game and his impact the chess world. If you've ever played Fischer Chess (a crazier way of playing) you'll see how he knew so many angles of the game and tried to improve it.

Some say baseball is the perfect game but to me, chess is the perfect game. RIP Bobby Fischer.

Peace. Love. Faith.

This is a picture of Bobby when he was detained in Japan for using a revoked American Passport. America revoked it after his rematch w/ Boris Spassky, I think. Whack dude, great chessman.

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