Thursday, January 17, 2008

Alvinisms 413

"Ghetto Lollipop"

-Adult Emporium (this place is not just XXX films, it says XXXX films! Dang!) (Oh, and if you don't get the quote, it's a title of a porn flick. And all the lollipops are dark chocolate.)

Did you know: It is not Cup O' Noodles, its actually Cup Noodles.

And the truth shall set you free. I know you all will check your pantries to make sure I didn't photoshop this.

I'd like to see Kobayashi chomp this down.

Thought of the day: OOOOOO!!! I just came back from eating Tajima w/ Frees and Mr. Allan and boy have I missed it. It's been maybe two weeks or so and I can feel my body aching for some good Japanese food.

Random thought that just came to me right now: Twat is the best word for the vagina. Some runner ups are: cooch, camel toe, ninja boot, bearded clam, snatch, and the ham wallet.

Charger weekend is here baby. Peace. Love. Faith.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

So when a bunch of people dress up in costumes of their fav cartoon whatever, its called Cosplay. This is a group of Naruto cosplayers but they it looks like they are doing the Soulja Boy.

These people just do not have the face or coloration of the characters. Look at the eyebrows of Rock Lee in the back! Ha!

Haha, this white guy has the most awkward pose, face, costume, and just looks soo whack in general. But my favorite is next.

This is supposed to be a little red headed guy w/ a giant gourd of sand on his back. Instead we get a asian taba choy (fat in tagalog) guy w/ a fanny pack on his back.

Gaara of the desert.

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