Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Alvinisms 367

"There can be no happiness if the things we believe in are different from the things we do."

-Freya Madeline Stark

Did you know: You share your birthday with at least 9 other million people in the world.

So 57 hours after being evacuated from home I finally got the chance to sit in my own room and do what I do best...not that you frickin pervert. I mean reflect and have a moment. Yeah, what a weird few days it's been, definitely a blur, but 100% real. Anyhow, the second night of the home hiatus was spent at Toe-Knee's house because I had work at the Willys Workshop Mira Mesa the next day and didn't want to drive up from Chula Vista in the morning. It was fun being w/ friends at a time like this. We just sat outside and threw back some beers in the middle of the street cuz his neighbors still haven't come home. The funny thing is a cop drove by and we put some of the beers away but the box was still out in the open but they just drove by. I guess some kids hanging out is not as bad as a fire, directing traffic, or watching out for looters. Thank you to the cops for not killing the buzz.

That night we did a "roast", you know where someone sits in the middle and we share a funny or wierd memory. Good times w/ Chris, Rose, Josephine, Laguna, Fatcho, TK, Althea, Neill and I. Wish more of you were there, cuz there is something nice to say about everyone. But the funny thing is how it came about. We were all sitting in a circle when Toe-Knee started farting and it smelled like all the the dead animals were stuck in his butt, I mean it was doo doo stick gross. So it ended up being like a crescent moon shape w/ him in the middle. So we decided to start a roast. End of story. If you wanna hear what I would've said about you, lemme know. I'll let you know. Anyway, I'll probably give more insight on what's really going on in my wacky head.

Look at the Alvinism before this for more pictures.

Peace. Love. Faith.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

At first Josephine was like, "where's the car?"

So she jumped out and finally saw it. Lo and behold it looked like this.

Poor guy probably was watching the news and was stoked that the place wasn't burned, but will have to return home to this disaster.

The fires were bad enough, but did you know the Santa Ana's could rip a tree this big out of the ground!?!

Laguna and TK stamping b***hes.
I spy Orgy, Funbags, Jojobean, Boner, Frees, Fatch, and Danger. The Million Dollar Gap left and came back later. (If you don't know the nicknames its: Neill, Rose, Josephine, Toe-Knee, Althea, JR, JR, and Chris.)

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