Thursday, September 27, 2007

Alvinisms 356

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to keeping going on that counts."

-A commercial on the radio that I heard from some movie.

Did you know: Vince and I's actual departure date was the 19th not the 27!?! Sorry!

Thought of the day: This just goes to show that I really am bad at remembering things. So it's the weekend sorta. On Saturday I don't exactly get to sleep in and or have wonderful time cuz I'll be at my work from 8am to 6pm for first aid/CPR training!

Birdhouse's new film is coming out "The Beginning" and will be premiered at the Mira Mesa Epicentre in junction w/ Willys Workshop Mira Mesa on October 20th so come out to watch this awesome film and meet pro skaters like Tony Hawk, Willy Santos, Steve Nesser, Brian Sumner, Matt Ball, Jeremy Klein, and of course the Olympic gold medalist and X-Games champ Shaun White. It's gonna be a doozy! Peace. Love. Faith.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Haven't seen many good funny videos on youtube lately but this one is hilarious. Watch out, parent guidance for use of bad language. Seriously unforgivable!

And you thought Kim Kardashian had some junk in the trunk! This guy makes dresses that turn into tents...what a genius....NOT!!!! (in the best Borat impression)

You think your dog is bad ass. These pups can probably stab yours w/ a spear or trident! How'd you get a trident!?!

Probably the 2nd most awesome game console mod I've seen next to the Zelda one, this one is Metroid w/ and awesome light up S for Samus and even the controllers make you feel like a $1,000.

I'm not a bluetooth guy but I don't know what guy would wear these. Maybe only Preez or Shalihe could rock this set.

These next two shadow artwork are just awesome.

The artist made more too. Only from one angle can it be seen in its beauty. Kinda like the sidewalk chalk guy. Sugoi!

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