Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Alvinisms 355

"A laugh is a smile that bursts. "

-Mary H. Waldrip

Did you know: September 27th is the 1 year anniversary of when Vince and I left for Japan?

Thought of the day: Dang, I can't believe it's been a year. Good stuff to you Vince for sticking it through and prolonging your stay. Proud of you man and Eddie and I plan on visiting next year so don't leave just yet! So just to stroll down memory lane Imma post some pictures of the first few days of our stay in Japan and some of my favorite photos. I know a lot of you liked the blogs from Japan and I sure do miss the adventures but Vince now has a 5 megapixel camera...on his phone! Where are the updates buddy!?! Enjoy and we're closer to the weekend! Peace. Love. Faith.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Gallons of beer in a vending machine. Sure beats spending $1.25 for 20 oz. of soda huh?

The Dotombori River...beautiful, majestic, and polluted like a mofo.

Bboy Kobe, Yuki-chan, skinny me, and drunk Ben.

First day of work. It was the toughest day of any workday I've ever done. Pogi!

This is from the giant ferris wheel and next to the aquarium. Sugoi! That is the World Trade Center in the distance. Around is a giant market.

Trying to meet up w/ Vince was a pain the first few days cuz we didn't have phones. Vince didn't even have internet!

Ahh, the silver ball where everyone would rehearse and practice, I used to spend a lot of time watching them. They were really good! Watch out Cali!

Shinsaibashi Street was always packed, this is actually a good day! This covered mall is over a mile long of shops left, right, and off the side streets! Yakuza watch out!

Eat you heart out Lance. Bike cities and whole parking garages for bikes! Yikes!

This is where I worked. Take the escalator up and you are at the NOVA in the Plat Plat station. Siyonara Sakai Higashi branch.

First night out and I'm already drunk w/ my roomies. Nick the ladies man and Ben the try to get ladies man.

Yuki and Yumi are the best bartenders ever. They let me make my own drinks and dance on the bar and challenge Takeru Kobayashi to an eating challenge.

Second night out equals a trip to Osaka Castle.

That's where I lived. I forgot what floor I lived on, either 7 or 12.

Osaka Castle at night.

Now the rest of the pics aren't from Japan, I thought I'd just load up this Alvinism cuz I've been MIA. Nice soup fan huh, its actually kinda cool!

This is probably the 2nd best video game console mod I've seen. Hey TK forget the black elite, buy this!

You can buy hot soup, ice cream, beer and more from a vending machine. Now introducing bread in a can in a vending machine. You know, if you wanna feed the birds or have an urge for a condensed milk sandwich...or is that just me?

In Master Chief we Trust. Sorry Abe.

Why is anything that's cool looking mashed up w/ a thumbdrive I think its cool?


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