Thursday, September 20, 2007

Alvinisms 354

To see a world in a grain of sand
and heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
and eternity in an hour.

-William Blake

Did you know: Air Force pilots have more daughters (determined by the X-chromosome) than sons (determined by the Y-chromosome) because the X-chromosome tolerates teh more stressful effects of gravity better than the Y-chromosome does. Duh!!!

Thought of the day: Man all these crazy cool shows are on. Lemme give you a run down of a few I've seen.

Kid Nation: Awesome to have kids working together and realizing how hard life can be and whatnot. Next season should have all gangsta kids to make it what we all really wanna see. Crazy kids on the verge of flipping out. Yeah I said it, you watch to watch it happen.

My Name is Earl: The funniest feel good show I've ever seen. Professional skateboarders, hot chicks, funny black guy, funny fat guy. What else can you ask for?

Survivor China: Hot chicks, no bras, wait...what is this show about?

Law & Order SVU: Show is awesome cuz you get to figure it out as you go. But it's kinda scary if you're alone...or am I just wussy?

Chuck: It premieres Monday but it looks funny and has a hot chick. Sugoi!

Beauty and the Geek: Everything about this show is funny. You'd think I'd only watch for the chicks; but the dudes are so dorky that it'll makes you feel like you have a good chance. The nerds are so funny! They are so nervous. When you try to impress a girl w/ dragon sticks, you are a geek for sure!

Heroes: So this show hasn't come out yet; but who cares. I'm tuning each week to see if Hiro might be related to Naruto; which leads me too...

Naruto: I haven't watched this show since 2.5 years ago when I lived in Diamond Bar. But it's always good to watch. Orochimaru I'm mad at you! Hinata if I were a cartoon I'd have a crush on you.

Bleach: All caught up and wait each week for the next episode. There are swords, super powers, talking stuffed animals, and enough crazy hairstyles that you know it's from Japan.

Weekend time!!! Peace. Love. Faith.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Before I get into the anny pics, you know I love funny looking thumbdrives.

Here's a random picture for the Arnette party at Belo. CJM, JR, Alvinism (I don't have a cool abbreviation)

Live music was brought by High Voltage. This is Chris V., he works for the shop and I've known him before he worked there and was a little skate gromit. Rock on brotha. Rock on.

Ollie couldn't be happier.

Even trees get hungry. Fatch and I were trees, some people didn't get it. Woodstock. Wood. Wood comes from trees. Think outside the box folks! Yippee!

Nate Sherwood can talk for days. Try and listen to his rants, their awesome!

This must me TK's summoning technique where he summons a Fatchy basketball player.

All these chicks are tree huggers. Don't you wish you thought of our costume now?

These girls are cool, but there is a freaky guy in the back left!!!

If this shot was taken one frame later you'd be seeing a Preezy upskirt shot.

TK musta been on something this night. Eyes rolled back. Caressing a flower, a friggin butterfly on his forehead!?!

Rainbow Warriors showing their true colors.

Me and the man of the night. Mr. Willis Santeezy. He's sweaty. Haha!

Cato didn't dress up; but he came so late that we all were seeing tye dye anyway.

You water these trees w/ liquor.

Gotta love ruining pictures.

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