Friday, September 07, 2007

Alvinisms 350

"Life has its own hidden forces that you can only discover by living."

-Soren Kierkegaard

Did you know: Mavyn's got a new reel; they even snuck a lil me in it. Thanks! Ya'll looking good! Proud of you Mavyn! Love you guys for life! I'm missing your numbers!

Thought of the day: Happy 56th birthday dad! Love you!

Dang, do you remember when myspace didn't exist and cell phones were only for upper echilon folks? What did we use to keep in touch? Land lines. Who remembers this quote, "MOM!!! GET OFF THE PHONE! I'M TALKING!" only to be followed by a click and then "sorry, my mom's trippin downstairs." Dang, things sure have changed. If you were lucky like me you had your own number in your room where your brother wouldn't beat you up for the phone and you could talk all night on your phone w/ a long cord.

This phase was only to be followed by the beeper/pager phase. Who remembers the company Airtouch. Yup, thats my friggin first beeper and it was activated at Kobey's Swap Meet. Yeah I said it, Kobey's Swap Meet had my pager and it came w/ a free clip suckas! Where else can you activate a pager, eat some corn, buy baseball cards, and have rasta tee airbrushed for you. That's right, live it up and take it in my friends.

And what did we use to remember numbers? Planner. Dang, I remember people used to think they were hot shizz cuz they could fill the pages w/ peoples numbers, pager numbers, and their best friends numbers. Some people actually used the calenders and the card holders? Ha! What a joke, displaying cards of membership to like Wave Lines or their frequent buyer passes at Subway. Man, what happened to Day Runners and those days where even the guys would put a Ahiru No Pekkle sticker on their Trapper Keeper (I know, wrong time frame but I had to say it). What happens to the Sanrio characters? Did Pochacco die? Whatevs.

Thursday Conan's interview w/ Terry Crews is hilarious. Watch it wherever you can find it.

BTW; from the last Alvinism,
I friggin lost my phone so I'm using Kimtan's quazi-broken phone where the screen doesn't work sometimes. So gimme yo numbers, yo house numbers, yo mama's numbers! No seriously, I need your numbers and pretty much all of my Fullerton friends numbers. Peace. Love. Faith.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

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