Saturday, June 30, 2007

Alvinisms 319

"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."

-Thomas A. Edison

Did you know: By the time you reach 12th grade, you will have been in school for about 17,000 hours.

Thought of the day: Summer Break!!! But it lasts only 2 days cuz I'm back at work Monday, wooohooo!!! At least the summer will be a lot more chill cuz we'll be doing splash days and I get to go to the pool and see movies and stuff. Feels like I"m the kid again.

Anyhow, this weekend was really fun and didn't involve a lot of puking or excessive amounts of alcohol. On Friday we ate at Shogun and drank some more at La Jolla Brewhouse for Jojo's birthday. Fatch, I swear that pool table is slanted! It was good times.

On Saturday, Preez and I went to Fashion Valley and shopped! I'm not a shopper so it felt nice to go and do something she likes to do. BTW, we stopped by the Apple store and now I'm addicted to the iphone. But I lose and break stuff so easy that I chose not to splurge randomly. We ate at Nordstrom Cafe, and let me tell you, its no little coffee and sandwich place, its really good and worth it! The food was better than most bougeious places I've eaten and the service are nicer than you when you tried to get in that girl's pants. Overall, delicious.

Stopped by Hilltop for Iris' graduation where we had one of the best bbq's I've ever eaten but had to work at the shop from 3-7. Here's where my weekend was made. I have not skated the streets in over a year and half thanks to my gnarly ankle injury that had me in crutches for a month. I've only skated the mini ramp cuz it's smooth and low impact so I was hella sketchy and not very good skating w/ Steve, TJ, JR, Freddy, Allan, and Rene but I had the time of my life. I love skateboarding. And on Sunday, we got another ramp session at Willys, fun times but the super hot weather made us cut it short. Happy boy.

We go to PB and sell some clothes at PB and then get some din din at Pick Up Stix, gotta love that house chicken! Later at night Preezy and I watched the Fantastic Four and I really liked it! Out of all the comic book movies, I can't believe I was really more entertained by this one more than all the X-Mens and stuff. But whatever, I may just be a big geek and before you stop reading my Alvinisms permanently I'll just cut it short. Watch the movie, its pretty cool.

New song on my myspace. Peace. Love. Faith.

Random thought of the day: I had a really good one but it's kinda mean cuz it involves calling people ugly. Ha! I'll tell you if you wanna know.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

-sealed morning kisses

You gotta watch this.

Hoop dreams. Its sort of Supermarket Sweep meets And 1.

Did you know you can transmit STI's through the ear too! This cell phone can be store in more than your pockets. Eeeeewwwwww!

If you went to a restaurant and saw your napkins like this, you'd either freak out and run away or like me grab the next one and make sounds like "peew peew", "zap", and "argh".

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