Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Alvinisms 314

"Always behave like a duck - keep calm and unruffled on the surface but paddle like the devil underneath."

-Jacob Braude

Did you know: About half your bones are located in your hands and feet.

Thought of the day: Yay!!! The "End of the Year Show" is Friday and the whole school is going nuts! Love it! Man, us teachers are sooo worn out but once its over, here comes summer! Splash days, puzzles, and sunglass tans! My toddler kids are singing "Its a Small World" and the elementary kids are doing the unveiling of the Statue of Liberty and singing "This Land is your Land, This Land is my Land." The drawback is that I have work at 8 till 3, then work at the shop till 5, the back to work at the school till 8+. So its gonna be a long busy day. But!!!

Friday night I hope to see all you friends at Heat downtown cuz its Vince's welcome back from Japan/Good bye to Japan party! Big up to him and its nice to see you again my friend.

Congratulation to my friend Kimtan on his new jobbie job! I'm proud of you man!!!

Guest blogs are coming my friends! I've asked a few friends to write some guest blogs on whatever they want. So look forward to some different points of view and different formats and whatnot. But it's gonna be cool cuz aftey I post their blog, I'll write my own response afterwards. I'd really like to get people who've been wasting their lives reading my crap to contribute to my randomness. So if you're interested lemme know. So far I've got the likes of Rhoda, Verna (all the way from Virginia), Vince (from Osaka, Japan), Kimtan (Yoda himself), Allan (Lance Mountain slash Bruce Lee), and some others to name a few. So I really wanna hear from you so message me at Alvin44222 or email me your stuff at or whatever. Thanks friends! Peace. Love .Faith.

Random thought of the day: I got my snowboard boots in! But they are a little big, so to break them in I have to walk around the shop in them looking life a fool. Come in my friends!

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

-We computer date

And the truth comes out!

My students are soooo nice! They painted me this Picasso-like painting as a thank you for drawing their backdrop. I have to admit that I have one of the most fulfilling jobs ever!

Check out this babystroller that was moded to looke like Star Wars V The Empire Strikes Back I think. Awesome. Check out where the head is, it shoots out piss.

For all my gamer freaks out there, now you can stay cool and away from sweaty palms with this Xbox controller w/ fans built in it!

Check out this awesome periscope for you cubicle warriors. The problem is the idiot behind is in a glass cubicle and now is a creepy peeping tom.

This is an awesome backpack w/ all paded pockets for your electronic geeky needs.

Still a little ladybug-esque, but not as bad as the backpack chair (refer to 2-3 alvinisms back).

The Wii is now portable w/ this attachable TV. Now you can swing at the air frantically anywhere!

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