Saturday, June 16, 2007

Alvinisms 311

"What this country needs is more free speech worth listening to."

-Hansell B. Duckett

Did you know: Skepticisms is the longest word that alternates hands when typing.

Thought of the day: Man, this weekend couldn't come any sooner because I've been pretty sick for the whole week. Friday night after work my throat was acting up so Lai, Chris, Ollie and I went to Sushiya for some green tea, bigolgi, and sushi and whatnot. It was a nice chill dinner. Skipping details, Lai, Ollie, Ernestine and I ended up chillin at Preez's w/ a bottle of Ketel One. The funny thing is that Lai didn't have a drop and Ernestine (Lai's younger sis) was drunk stubling girl. Ha! It was hilarious. And of course Orriebear hibernated in and out of the night. Good friday. Miss Preez.

Saturday was nice because I got to really sleep in and hang out w/ my mama. Nothing too big. Then I head to my second home in PQ aka Willys Workshop for another crazy busy shift w/ George, Justin, and Lai. Ai! Sometimes its just sooo busy. Anyhow, it was the night everyone was supposed to be on the dot for Rhoda and George's birthday at Crudo and only the shop employees were allowed to be late cuz we close at 7. But guess who was earliest besides Rhoda, Josephine, Steve and Chris? Yup. The workshop crew were earlier even though we were supposed to be the latest. Well done friends.

The dinner was delicious and hella work the money cuz the portions were humongous. But I really didn't like the DJ, I don't think anyone did. It was trance, rave, techno for the first hour and a half so were moping around outside debating if we should party elsewhere but eventually it mixed into some better music. Bottle service is nice; but when you're not drinking cuz your throat hurts you feel funny cuz there is a whole bottle there and you can't drink it! Shit! Well the DJ still was weird cuz he'd go from Rihanna's "Umbrella" to The 69 Boyz or something to Justin Timberlake "Summer Love" then something Junior Senior. I dunno, funny times. Not even gonna talk about how I locked my own keys in my car later. Happy Father's Day! Peace. Love. Faith.

Random thought of the day:

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

-Super DUM DUM! Missed you!

I was always a sucker for wooden toys, but these Japanese wooden toys are just dope! They probably transform into a wooden Honda Civic or something.

I thought these were cool even though I hated rubik's cubes because they made me feel like a complete moron and I'd just end up taking off the stickers and whatnot.

For the inner jedi in you, you can buy these R2D2 speaker. They might not bump like a full stereo system but they can pilot a tie fighter like crazy!

Now this is a dope hat made by Transworld Skateboarding. It has faux griptape on top.

And a wood look on the bottom. Sick! Those are old magazine covers on the inside. It just feels soo nostalgic.

Chris Young defends the Pads after Alfonso Soriano taunts them after homerun on friday. So Saturday Young pegs Derrek Lee and starts a brawl. Both missed their punches though. The best part of it was that the Padres come out w/ the win. Honestly, would you rather live in the "Windy City" or "America's Finest City"?

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