Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Alvinisms 310

"Each instant is a place we've never been."

-Mark Strand

Did you know: You're eyes are the only thing that will stay the same size. But your nose and ears however, never stop growing. (Uh oh Kimtan and Leo!)

Thought of the day: This sucks, when I thought I was getting better, I get smashed w/ an even worse sickness. My throat is so sore that I'm looking up rememdies online and trying all of them. Everything from my neck up is sore and I can't really talk. I feel bad for my work cuz I've called in twice now and had to leave Wednesday for Jenny's mom's funeral. But yeah, being sick sux!!!

Speaking of the funeral it was another experience that everyone there will never forget. For me, I couldn't stop praying and thanking her for creating such a wonderful person as Jenny. The day also gave me a chance to say good by to JR's dad because I was in Japan when he passed and now I have a little more peace. It was a beautiful and sorrowful day.

Knocked Up is and okay movie. Maybe I didn't enjoy it that much because I was congested, had a headache and sore throat but it wasn't all that to me. No need to rent it later for me.

My inner nerd is coming out w/ all the comic book movies coming out. From Spiderman, Daredevil, Superman, Batman, Ghost Rider, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Elektra, The Hulk, The Punisher, and others I can't recall; but yeah I find myself looking at my collection and wondering what's next and critiquing the movies. Okay, I'm a nerd and I'm gonna end it here.

Damn the Spurs. But you gotta give it to them cuz Parker is quick, Ginobili can finish, Duncan is reliable, and they just play good together. But still. Damn them! Peace. Love. Faith.

Random thought of the day: Dang, don't you hate it when you really gotta do something but then all the little trivial things that you can SO do later come up. For example, I should be getting ready for work, but writing this Alvinism is SO much better.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

-Thank you for taking care of me, have a safe trip honey!!! Love you!

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