Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Alvinisms 309

"Biew biew biew!"

-Thats the sound the lazers make when Optimus Prime shoots Megatron.

Did you know: The Crispy Creme Chicken Sandwich at the Del Mar Fair is pretty good!

Thought of the day: This week started off as a doozy. First the school was madness and the elementary kids all at handfuls of sugar Monday morning and then in the afternoon Ojay and I were bombarded w/ folding, seperating, making room for, sorting, all 15+ new Willys Workshop shirts. Yes I said it, 15+ NEW SHIRTS! Hurry and come by cuz thats why we were so bogged cuz we got a grip of em and they sell fast! So yeah, long day and then I was more pooped than when I ate 23 tacos in Tijuana.

Yippee kai yay!!! Don't forget my friends, Vince is coming back from Japan for a couple days!!!

Random thought of the day: Ah! Back to my -ism about saying goodbye and then walking in the same direction. It happened again! Aye yai yai!

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

-No more cutting

The Crispy Creme Chicken Sandwich. The chicken is really good, after 2 bites is bit much.

I know, I know, deep fried avocados aren't too adventurous but trust me, after the sandwich, I wasn't gonna go crazy again. Maybe next time.

Fish tacos for Preez.

This robot just scooted around and played loud music and shook its booty! Its was a good dancer!

I love corn and loading it with crap!

Eeeee...its a little messy.

But who could resist when it makes you feel like this!

We won a penguin...$15 later! Crap!

Hey look at that boootay! Hay!

This is Becky our elephant. She's a gentle giant.

She even flexes for the camera!

Stank looks like she should the poster child for Little Miss Sunshine.

No we weren't posing. We did play and lost to a little kid. That crap was rigged.

I won a fish too! His name is Lucky. Preez and Stank wanted me to name him "Hank" cuz he'll live w/ George. But I don't want them to fight. We're having a bonding moment right now.

Now its your turn to have a bonding moment w/ him.

Bye bye kiddee land!

Hello land of fatties!


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