Monday, May 28, 2007

Alvinisms 302

"You must have been really good at hide and seek when you were younger."

-Me to Preez

Did you know: Barbie's full name was Barbara Millicent Roberts

Thought of the day: Yes I am careless. So the night of HOB I got black out drunk and somehow lost track of my license and debit card. After searching my car, house, clothes, backpack, Preezy's car, her condo, calling HOB, calling TK and Laguna; I gave up and was going to cancel my stuff and reorder new cards. Low and behold I ask Preezy to loan me a few bucks cuz I didn't have anymore cash and desperately needed gas so we went to my house for a final check. Any whaddayah know!!! She finds in inbetween the pages of a manual in my backpack!!! Aye! What luck. So the quote of the day is in relevance to what she did for me. Man am I careless. Maybe it cuz live my life in a way where I almost care less and not much bothers me so I tend to lose track of things. Ouch. Reality bites.

BTW, some people feel off the blog radar and have not been seen for a week or so. Well, hope to read from you or I bet I'll probably see you at the Purple Haze game anyway. Peace. Love. Faith.

Random thought of the day: Whoever put the "S" in the word "lisp" is a cruel person.

-Thank you so much

Amazing Floating 3d Cube Sculpture - video powered by Metacafe

TK and Myron; who's says the promoters don't party.

Happy birthday Mysters!!!

I threw up outside, he did it inside.


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